Jack Vidgen's $250k prize money has all been spent

Jack Vidgen said Australia's Got Talent winnings are long spent. Photo: Getty/Instagram
Jack Vidgen said Australia's Got Talent winnings are long spent. Photo: Getty/Instagram

Jack Vidgen recently made an unexpected return to the spotlight, more than seven years after finding stardom as the winner of Australia’s Got Talent.

And now that he’s back on the scene, the 22-year-old is filling us in on what we missed, including what happened to the small fortune that came with his teen fame.

Unfortunately for Jack, the $250,000 he won in prize money is long gone, after several attempts at cracking the musical big time.

After the competition ended in 2011, Jack released his debut album Yes I Am, and later attempted to break America.

“I don’t think people realise how much it costs to upkeep pursuing a music career, especially with the level I got to,” he told New Idea.

“I funded it myself going across to LA and that costs a lot of money. If you think about all the transfers, the cars, the flights, it all costs money.”

He also bought his mum a new car back home which made a sizeable dent in the total sum.

Unable to make much headway in the US, Jack gave up on music altogether and returned to Australia to work in the aged care sector.

But now he’s ready to make a return to the spotlight and is set to take part in The Voice season eight’s upcoming blind auditions.

This very public comeback attempt is also gaining attention due to the star’s new look.

Jack attributes his transformation to puberty and lip fillers, and has continually quashed claims he has ever had plastic surgery.

“I've never had plastic surgery or any surgery,” he tells the The Daily Telegraph, adding, “It's pretty obvious I've had my lips done with fillers”.

“These types of things [fillers] are common now, especially for people my age - it's not a big deal”.

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