How do they keep the masked singers a secret?

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Who are you?: The Prawn performs on The Masked Singer Australia. Photo: Channel 10.

How do they keep the masked singers’ true identities a secret? It’s a question that many of the million-or-so viewers of Channel 10’s new hit reality show The Masked Singer Australia are asking.

Even though there have been some (potential) spoilers already, on the whole, the celebrity contestants have remained anonymous - at least until they’re un-masked after they’re eliminated, of course.

Now, Masked Singer host Osher Günsberg has revealed the extreme lengths producers have gone to prevent any leaks.

How do they keep the masked singers’ a secret?

He spilled the secrets to 10 daily, revealing that security on - and off - the Masked Singer set was incredibly tight.

“The security protocols were astonishing,” he said.

“I believe we employ ex-ASIO employees or something because let me tell you the level of scrutiny, detail and rigorous oversight around protecting the anonymity of the masks was just incredible,” he added.

Osher also said that the moment that the singers were un-masked was filmed on a ‘closed set’ - without the studio audience that we see on TV.

In fact, some of the camera crew and the on-set photographers were booted out, as well.

“There were maybe only eight people in the room when it happened. No one who wasn’t supposed to be there was there,” he told

There are also rumours that the 12 mystery celebs - and any visiting relatives or friends - were required to wear paparazzi-proof face masks during the two-week shoot back in May which took place at Sydney’s Fox Studios.

“People are walking around with bags over their heads... and then I found out there were body doubles walking around,” Daily Mail quotes Hughsey as saying.

And as for rumours that he and the judges are pre-warned of the masked singers’ name before they take the stage, well, that’s all fake news.

“When the masks come off, that is absolutely the first time we [myself and the judges] know who they are,” Osher confirmed.

The Masked Singer Australia host, Osher Günsberg. Photo: Channel 10.

‘Cloak and dagger’

The man who accidentally ‘leaked’ the identity of the Wolf, Leon Sjogren, told Yahoo Lifestyle that even the Channel 10 publicity department doesn’t know who the celebs are.

”It’s quite cloak and dagger. It’s the most top-secret confidential stuff I’ve dealt with,” the producer on Fox FM's Fifi, Fev & Byron show said.

“Good on them for keeping it under wraps,” he added.

Maintaining the masked singers’ mystery was also a challenge for the costume department, who had the tricky task of ensuring the costumes allowed the celebs to breathe and see - but also obscure their faces.

Oh, and if you think that the contestants might be lip-syncing, you’d be mistaken according to head costumer Tim Chappel.

"Oh no, it’s real! It’s definitely happening, they’re singing in there," Tim told 10 daily.

The Masked Singer Australia judges (L-R): Jackie O Henderson, Dannii Minogue, Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes and Lindsay Lohan. Photo: Channel 10.

What is The Masked Singer Australia about?

The Masked Singer Australia is based on a reality TV show that originated in South Korea.

It’s hosted by Osher Günsberg and has a panel of four judges: Aussie singer and TV personality Dannii Minogue, American actor and Parent Trap star Lindsay Lohan, radio host and funnyman Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes and Kyle And Jackie O Show host Jackie O Henderson.

It’s marketed as ‘a singing competition with a difference’ and features 12 unidentified celebrities who perform in full costume then ‘unmask’ themselves to the judges, live studio audience and viewers at home afterwards.

Each episode, six contestants pair up to compete against one another in a ‘face-off’ where they perform a song of their choice in their real voice.

After each ‘face-off’ the studio audience and judges vote for their favourite celeb the keep ‘safe’ for the week - the ‘loser’ is at risk of being unmasked and sent home unless the judges chose to ‘save’ them.

The Octopus - later revealed to be Gretel Killeen - in costume on The Masked Singer Australia. Photo: Channel 10

Who is has been un-masked so far?

Gretel Killeen, aka the Octopus, was the first celeb to be unmasked in the premiere on Monday night.

Cricketing great Brett Lee was unmasked in episode two, after performing as the Parrot.

There are still have 10 unknown singers to go, including a unicorn, lion, monster, spider and a wolf.

Just one day after the show premiered, social media was whipped into a frenzy when the identity of the Wolf was supposedly revealed on Twitter.

Channel 10 has released several clues - one singer is an ARIA Award winner, while another is a World Cup winner, and yet another a Hall of Famer - with more hints to roll out throughout the season.

The Masked Singer airs 7.30 Monday and Tuesday on Channel 10.

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