"House Of The Dragon" Star Bethany Antonia Shared A Disgustingly Racist DM She Received, And I'm Tired Of Minorities Having To Deal With Sick Fanbases

Racism tends to show its face often when it comes to sci-fi/fantasy fanbases, but House of the Dragon's Bethany Antonia isn't letting it get to her.

Closeup of Bethany Antonia standing on the red carpet holding a castle-shaped purse

Bethany plays the fearless Princess Baela Targaryen in the popular HBO prequel series to Game of Thrones, which explores the reign of House Targaryen and the Targaryen civil war.

Screenshot from "House of the Dragon" with an arrow pointing to Baela Targaryen
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Baela is the daughter of King Daemon Targaryen and Lady Laena Velaryon. She also has a twin sister Rhaena Targaryen and two half-brothers, Aegon and Viserys. Baela is the oldest of her siblings.

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Baela is a dragon rider, and her dragon is named Moondancer.

Baela in "House of the Dragon"

With the Season 2 premiere just months away, the cast has been preparing themselves and fans for what's to come. That includes sharing stills from upcoming scenes...

...as well as the official new trailer.

But as the excitement grew within the fanbase, so did the disdain from others. On Friday, Bethany shared a horrific DM she received on Instagram that was filled with racist remarks and death threats.

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Bethany, who also starred in the Netflix series Stay Close, addressed the hatred-filled DM, adding, "Wait till they find out I'm gay too..."

Closeup of Bethany Antonia smiling on the red carpet
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She then posted a photo of herself smiling, ensuring she wasn't going to let bigots steal her joy, or the happiness of other Black cast members and fans.

Image of Bethany Antonia smiling with text overlay: "Y’all won’t ruin this first glimmer of dragon joy for us negroes ?"

Well, it didn't take long for true supporters of the show to counteract that hate with love, by commenting words of encouragement on both Instagram and Twitter. It was extremely beautiful to see.

Please enjoy just some of the sweet sentiments below:

User pollyatkinss said, "hi coming on here to counteract the hate you're getting in your dms!! hope you're well + you're the prettiest
Bethany Antonia / instagram.com

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Instagram comment with a user expressing affection and happiness to another named account
Bethany Antonia / instagram.com

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Sorry about the racist despicable comments girl just here to tell you the asoiaf fandom absolutely LOVES you and you're the perfect Baela Targaryen
Bethany Antonia / instagram.com

HBO Max / Twitter: @rhaenyrasrealm

Comment on social media supporting Bethany, condemning received DMs, and labeling the sender as pathetic
Bethany Antonia / instagram.com

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Tweet showing support for Bethany Antonia with a fan calling her a 'cutie pie' and rejecting negativity
Tweet expressing support for Bethany Antonia as Baela Targaryen, hoping critics are proved wrong by her character's survival

Long live Lady Baela and down with all of those navigating life with negativity.

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Be sure to watch Season 2 of House of the Dragon when it premieres on HBO Max on June 16.