Home and Away's makeup artist reveals BTS secrets: 'New faces'

Home and Away fans may remember former actress Laura Vazquez, from her stint on the soap playing the beloved character Sarah Thompson in 1993.

Laura has now found herself back in Summer Bay as the Head of Makeup, creating stunning looks for the cast daily. Yahoo Lifestyle spoke to the celebrity makeup artist about whether she could share any secrets on what’s coming up, her close relationship with the cast and what looks we can expect from The Logies.

Home and Away cast pose for a photo in swimwear, from the left: Jacqui Purvis in a pink bikini, Ethan Browne in blue swim trunks and a pink shirt, Emily Weir in a red bandeau top and skirt, Nicholas Cartwright in green swim trunks with a floral and leaf print
Home and Away's makeup artist has spilled on what's to come on the show. Photo: Instagram/lauravazquezbeauty

While she can’t give any storyline hints, Laura teased a big piece of information: “There will be a lot of new faces coming to the bay, which is always really exciting.”

“New faces and exciting storylines, that will be happening in the next few months,” she revealed.


Fans have been devastated by the number of cast members that have left the show this year, including Bella Nixon, Logan Bennett and Ryder Jackson. Sam Frost’s character Jasmine Delaney is also expected to depart shortly, after Seven announced she wouldn’t be returning for filming this year.

Laura played Sarah Thompson on the show

Laura also touched on her ‘full circle’ moment, remembering how she was just 17 when she first appeared on Home and Away.

“I was on the show for three years because, my whole life as a teenager, I was an actress,” she explains.

“When I was an actress, I would sit in the makeup chair and just watch what the makeup artist would do and ask 100 million questions. So it’s been full circle for me because my career started at Home and Away,” Laura adds.

Left: Laura Vazquez as Sarah Thompson on Home and Away in the 1990s, Right: Laura Vazquez and Isla Fisher hug while wearing dressing gowns
Laura Vazquez played Sarah Thompson on the show when she was a teenager. Photo: Seven & Instagram/lauravazquezbeauty

The cast has affectionately dubbed Laura as ‘Mama Bear’, and she says they often come to her for advice or a chat since she’s been in their shoes.

“It’s really nice to be able to be there not only as their head of department, but just to be there as a friend and a constant where they can come to me and ask me questions,” she reveals.

While her character exited the show after three years, the former actress made special appearances for Shane and Angel’s wedding as well as Alf Stewart’s 60th birthday.

When asked if she’ll be making another return to the show, she admits there’s always a possibility.

“Never say never, because I always think you know, maybe the day that Alf leaves the bay — which I hope never happens — maybe I’ll come back and be a part of that, because my character did live with Alf, and he’s quite a special, important person to me,” she says.

Left: Laura posing with Kawakawa Fox Reo in the makeup trailer, Right: Laura stands on a box to do Emily Symons' hair in the makeup room
The former Home and Away star is close with the cast. Photo: Instagram/lauravazquezbeauty

'Absolutely glamorous'

At the moment, the big event creating some buzz is the return of The Logies, taking place on Sunday, June 19, at The Star Gold Coast Entertainment Resort. Home and Away is up for six awards, including a Gold Logie nomination for Ray Meagher.

Laura is personally doing the makeup for Emily Symons (Marilyn), Emily Weir (Mackenzie) and Silver Logie nominee Sophie Dillman (Ziggy). When asked if she could give us a hint of what the looks may entail, Laura says that everybody will look ‘absolutely glamorous.’

“I’ve seen some little sketches of outfits that they’re going to be wearing. I’m talking to each actress at the moment and we’re just coming up with different ideas, but they’re gonna look spectacular,” she spills.

“I’m so excited to do glam because this is like the Oscars to me. I get to actually create these amazing looks.”

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