Home and Away's Tammin Sursok undergoes dramatic transformation

Former Home and Away star Tammin Sursok surprised fans on Tuesday by sharing an Instagram post which revealed she'd undergone a dramatic transformation.

The 39-year-old jokingly captioned the photo, revealing her new blonde look, "Oh hi. It’s Tammin. I promise."

Former Home and Away star Tammin Sursok is now blonde
Former Home and Away star Tammin Sursok surprised fans by undergoing a dramatic transformation for a new role. Photo: Instagram/Tammin Sursok

She continued, "4 days ago I was with my kids taking them to dance class, next minute I get a call that I’m going to be the lead in a movie that shoots in Atlanta this Thursday and I HAVE TO BE BLONDE!

"So I embraced the unknown, begged and pleaded to see @marissamartinhair - who came in on a Sunday and spent 5 hours perfecting this look- and now I’m accepting the unknown and allowing myself to feel all the nerves and excitement and getting ready to kick butt!"


Tammin added, "I have learnt that all the best moments begin out of your comfort zone. So ready, set, let’s do this!"

"YESSSSSSSSSS! Hello, bombshell," one user wrote.

"TAMMIN!!! GIRL. It's your villain era honeyyyyyyy," another added.

"You look fabulous! Good luck for the movie, can’t wait to see it already!" a third said.

"I love you blonde!" an excited fan wrote, while another said, "You look stunning as both blonde and brunette."

Tammin also shared a reel of her transformation showing the difference in her brunette hair to the new look.

"You pull off anything!" yet another fan commented.

"Dani Sutherland vibes..." one Home and Away fan commented, referencing Tammin's character, whose hair was a lighter brown than the star's more recent locks.

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