Home and Away's Indiana Evans lands Hollywood role after 14 years

Aussie child actress Indiana Evans was just 13 when she got her first lead role in the kids TV show Snobs.

But it was as school girl Matilda Hunter in iconic soap Home And Away that she really became an Aussie household name.

She played the teen from 2004 to 2008 and then, after winning the Queen of Teen award at the Dolly Teen Choice Awards, left to play a mermaid in the teen drama H2O Just Add Water.

Indiana Evans as Matilda Hunter in screen grabs from Aussie soap Home and Away
Indiana Evans played Matilda Hunter in Home and Away from 2004 - 2008. Photo: Seven Network


In 2012 Hollywood came knocking with the made-for-TV movie Blue Lagoon: The Awakening.

It was a remake of the 1980 movie that made Brooke Shields a star.

Jason Smith, Indiana Evans, Isabel Lucas and Mark Furze photographed for Home and Away's 20th anniversary, 29 June 2005 against a green and cement wall..
Indiana Evans with her Home and Away co-stars Jason Smith, Isabel Lucas and Mark Furze for the soap's 20th anniversary. Photo: Getty Images

"It is so exciting and the role did such great things for Brooke Shields, but it's also nerve-racking," she told the Daily Telegraph.

"When you do a remake, there's a lot of pressure, because people always love the original.

"I watched it and Brooke is devastatingly beautiful, so that adds even more pressure.

"I'm a bit nervous."

Indiana Evans starred as Bella in the third season of H2O: Just Add Water. with Cariba Heine and Phoebe Tonkin. The trio is pictured with mermaid tails raised above their heads as they sit on the edge of a pool, with elbows resting on the side, smiling at the camera.
Indiana Evans starred as Bella in the third season of H2O: Just Add Water. Photo: Network 10

Following that success, she was cast in the American remake of Secrets and Lies, with Juliette Lewis in 2015.

She then had a guest appearance as a single mum in Aussie comedy drama House Husbands.

“I was a little bit nervous about playing a young mum,” Indiana told news.com.au at the time.

“I was worried that they [the child actors playing her on-screen children] wouldn’t like me and wouldn’t like doing the scenes with me, but they were awesome and we got along really well together.

“I was a little bit worried that I haven’t aged since I was 15,” she joked.

Actress and singer Indiana Evans at left holding a glass of wine at a decorated table wearing a black evening gown; at right she wears a green, grey, black and white patterned jumper with her hair loose.
Indiana shares a few personal photos to her Instagram account. Photo: Instagram/@indianaevans27

That may have been a legitimate concern, judging by her few social media pictures.

She has barely changed in the years since then.

Actress and singer Indiana Evans with a mystery man from Instagram; at left they look into the camera from a lighted bar with flowers behind; at right they lie on the grass at a beach wearing hats looking into the camera.
Indiana, or her management, have shared a few candid snaps of her on Instagram, many with this unnamed guy. Photo: Instagram/@indianaevans27

Since 2015, Indiana has taken a step back from public life and a break from acting.

As she is not particularly active on social media, it's hard to know just what she's been turning her hand to.

However, it looks like she's set to return to acting, with her first role in a Hollywood blockbuster, no less!

While she is not yet on the credits of the film on IMDB, Indiana, 32, can be seen standing next to Russell Crowe, who playes Zeus in the trailer for the latest Marvel movie Thor: Love and Thunder.

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