Home and Away spoilers: Eden makes $12,000 mistake

Last week on Home and Away, Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) was arrested after Bree Cameron (Juliet Godwin) mistakenly accused him of domestic violence. After realising that she was projecting her own fears onto Dean, she reported her husband Jacob to the police.

This week, Eden Fowler (Stephanie Panozzo) panics after her wedding dresses are stolen, Bree is dealt a devastating blow regarding Jacob and Summer Bay’s golf tournament is heating up.

Home and Away character Eden looks stressed
This week on Home and Away, Eden has to find her stolen wedding dresses. Photo: Seven

When Eden goes to return the van full of wedding dresses back to the shop, she’s shocked to find that they have been stolen.

Unless she can figure out who took them, she is on the hook for $12,000 — money she definitely doesn’t have. To make matters worse, the bride-to-be Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) decides that her perfect dress was among the stolen gowns.


Although she’s in a strange place with police officer Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright), he’s the only one who can help her out.

Cash and Eden look at each other intensely
Cash and Eden need to team up to find the thief. Photo: Seven

Cash recently said he didn’t want to spend any time with Eden, after their steamy fling got too serious for his liking. Nicholas tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the whole situation is ‘extremely awkward’.

“The last thing either Cash or Eden want is to be in each other’s presence, so when Eden asks Cash to help find the lost wedding dresses it’s extremely awkward for them both,” he explains.

Surprisingly, the pair actually have fun working on the case together and use it as an excuse to get closer.

“It shows that they both still want the other around,” Nicholas says. “That even though their lives in the Bay are complicated, they still care about each other enough to help each other out.”

The star teases that there may be romance on the cards in the future and adds: “They have romance in their past and tension in their present. What happens in the future could go either way…”

L: Close up of a phone with an incoming call from Jacob. R: Remi looks upset
Bree is terrified when Jacob calls, and Remi becomes overprotective. Photo: Seven

Bree’s devastating blow

Bree has taken the first step to escaping from her abusive marriage, but it’s not an easy process. Cash informs the doctor that Jacob is pleading ‘not guilty’ to all the charges, and to report him to 000 if he contacts her.

In a terrifying moment, Jacob calls Bree in a rage and berates her for going to the police. Remi Carter (Adam Rowland) is seen snatching the phone and tells Jacob to back off, but this causes Bree to retreat.

While Remi is trying to protect the woman he loves, it resembles Jacob’s controlling behaviours that have paralysed Bree for so long.

Will Jacob come back to Summer Bay and take his revenge?

Justin, Theo and Dean are on a golf buggy
Justin's golf team have a lot on the line. Photo: Seven

Summer Bay’s golf tournament heats up

Justin Morgan (James Stewart) is stressed about the upcoming golf tournament, after he let John Palmer (Shane Withington) push him into a $1000 bet. He quickly sets out to add the best golf players to his team.

Dean is keen to join Justin once he hears about the huge prize at stake — a brand-new car. Knowing that he needs this with the baby on the way, he’s determined to do anything to win.

The night before the tournament, Justin starts to act cagey and his nephew notices his strange behaviour.

What exactly has Justin done, and will it end in disaster?

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