Home and Away fans divided over major storyline: 'Unforgivable'

With Tane and Felicity on the rocks, fans are questioning if anyone can find happiness in Summer Bay.

Felicity and Tane are one of Summer Bay's most loved couples, but their impending split after months of turmoil and drama has enraged Home and Away fans.

After a chaotic year that has seen the two get engaged, fight about being engaged when Felicity got cold feet, Felicity's car crashing on the way to the wedding after she had cold feet again, and then Felicity being sexually assaulted and blackmailed from her attacker, the two finally seemed to have settled into a happy life again before the topic of children came up.

For a brief TL;DR – the story with Felicity and Tane (played by Jacqui Purvis and Ethan Browne) is that from the start, Tane has always wanted children. Felicity has never wanted children. She's been open about that from early on in their relationship. Tane seemed to think despite their collective trauma that maybe she'd change her mind.

Home and Away's Tane (Ethan Brown) and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis)
Summer Bay's most dramatic couple make the dating apps look like a walk in the park. Photo: Seven

Felicity was pretty set in her ways until recently when she noticed how sad Tane and all of his muscles looked every time he realised again that she never wanted kids.

So in a moment of stupidity, she told him she'd have a baby. As the two started enthusiastically trying, Felicity kept dramatically taking the birth control pill in secret with a look of fear as though it would potentially kill her every time.


Needless to say, Tane eventually found out and now the couple look to be all over.

Home and Away fans divided

The complicated storyline has seen Home and Away fans become completely divided on who's side of the saga they're on.

Some have been Team Flick, given the fact she's always been pretty upfront about not wanting kids (you know, minus this big slip-up of pretending she wanted them for a hot second).

"Geez Tane. Selfish. Your wife was in an accident that nearly killed her, a sexual assault and blackmail from the attacker and told you she never wanted children and asked you if she was enough for you," one angry fan commented. "All you have been doing is pushing poor Flick until you got her to say yes. My husband and I both side with Flick. Poor love. She's been through a lot."

"Tane shouldn't have married Flick if he wanted kids," another pointed out. "She said from the start she didn't want kids."

"If a woman says not yet then that should be respected at all times, it is her body," another fan said. "If it is forced on you, you will grow to resent the child you are carrying and also the one who insisted."


Other fans are adamant that Felicity is a liar and can't take accountability for her own actions.

"Tane may have been selfish in wanting a baby but Flick shouldn’t have lied. This one’s on her," one person said.

"Flick can’t stop lying to Tane," another agreed. "Even when he knew something was up she lied. Now she’ll blame everyone but herself."

"What she’s done this time is just vile. I know he’s far from perfect but I am with him about it being unforgivable," another stated.

Other fans just think it's a shame that any couple can't be happy in Summer Bay.

"I just think it’s a shame, the way the writers are breaking up Tane & Flick. I loved them as a couple, it would be great if one couple stayed together," one person sadly said.


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