Home and Away fans spot hidden detail in photo: 'Look closely'

Eagle-eyed Home and Away fans have spotted a hidden detail in a photo posted by one of the soap's stars.

Lynne McGranger (Irene Roberts) shared an on-set snap on her Instagram of her posing with co-stars Emily Symons (Marilyn Chambers), Sophie Dillman (Ziggy Astoni), Patrick O'Connor (Dean Thompson) and Georgia Adamson (Karen, Dean's mum).

While the photo was seemingly innocent, there's speculation it reveals details about the show's future storyline.

The show has just announced Ziggy's pregnancy to Dean, but there has not been any confirmation she carries to term.

Lynne McGranger with Emily Symons, Sophie Dillman, Patrick O'Connor and Georgia Adamson.
Lynne McGranger shared an on-set photo that showed Ziggy's baby bump and a pram. Source: Instagram

However, the photo from the set of the show, which films episodes about five months in advance, suggests Ziggy and Dean do in fact have the baby.

The photo shows Ziggy with a baby bump while the top of a pram can be seen at the bottom of the image.

Dean's mum Karen is also a guest character, with fans speculating she is returning for the birth of the baby.

The post attracted a lot of speculation from fans about Ziggy's pregnancy.


"Ziggy looks to have a pregnant belly and is that the handles of a stroller as well?" one eagle-eyed fan questioned.

"Look at the picture closely," another said.

"Nawww is Karen back to meet the baby?" a third added while a fan said: "I see a pram behind Lynne, looks like they continue on with the pregnancy."

Lynne McGranger 'unrecognisable' in throwback

It comes after fan favourite Lynne shocked fans with a throwback video of her sporting a short blonde pixie cut in the 90s, making her look almost unrecognisable.

Lynne joined the soap as Irene Roberts in 1993.

A fan unearthed a clip from the ‘early years’, where Irene and Alisa have a heated argument in the storeroom. Fans were shocked by how different Lynne looked in 1994 compared to now.

“I always thought Irene had deep red hair. How long was she blonde for?” one fan asked.

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