Home and Away fans slam massive plot hole: 'Don't understand'

Fans have questioned the authenticity of a Summer Bay storyline.

Home and Away has ramped up the drama with a new guest character Andrew (Joshua Hewson). Justin Morgan (James Stewart) was first alerted to Andrew’s dire situation when he found a backpack with an alarming note inside.

After getting Andrew to the hospital and working with Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright), it seems the boy is safe in Justin and Leah Patterson’s (Ada Nicodemou) care. However, a number of viewers have pointed out a major plot hole in the new storyline.

L: Missing poster on Home and Away. R: Justin Morgan on Home and Away
Home and Away fans have exposed a major plot hole. Photo: Seven

Justin’s previous storyline saw him sentenced to 500 hours of community service after assaulting attacking Conor, who he believed was kidnapping his daughter Ava Gilbert (Annabel Wolfe).

Many have dubbed the storyline as outrageous, as it would be unlikely that a man with a criminal record would be allowed to become a foster carer for a young child. Multiple fans echoed the same sentiment on social media, with one asking: “What happened to Justin’s community service?”

“I don’t understand how a bloke who is doing community service and was lucky to escape jail for being violent, is allowed to take a troubled kid home, just like that. Yes, yes, I know it’s a show, and yes I like Justin, but seriously,” another pointed out.


“Goodbye to Cash’s money and Justin seems to be Andrew’s full-time carer. No day job, no band manager, no anger management classes or clean-up duties? Gotten off lightly I say?” a third asked.

“A carer with a criminal record, and Cash tells him everything,” another remarked.

“I know Justin is basically one of the good guys but he’s only done one day [of] community service and had two sessions with the counsellor, he should be too busy to be spending all this time with Andrew. [Also], he’s playing deputy sheriff behind the counter at the cop shop and privy to what Cash is doing,” a fan commented.

L: Handwritten letter on Home and Away. R: Andrew in hospital on Home and Away
Andrew was rushed to hospital after Justin found this note. Photo: Seven

Andrew’s origins have yet to be completely revealed, with Cash finding a missing poster that hints he was kidnapped at four years old by his father.

Theories have been floated by viewers online, with the majority believing the boy was held against his will in some sort of cult.

“Must have been abducted really young going by his development. Really sad,” a fan guessed.

“I think the man that held him in the house helped him escape from a cult group, but he was found out by them and killed, and that’s why Andrew was alone. I also think he was stolen from his mum when he was little by his father that is a cult leader,” another suggested.


“But did his dad rescue him from a cult or kidnap him from his mother?” a third asked.

“Would love this to somehow be linked to the Believers cult. The one Tasha [Hunter] was part of many years ago,” another chimed in, referring to Isabel Lucas’ character who appeared in Summer Bay in 2003.

The Believers cult was headed by Mumma Rose (Linden Wilkinson), who declared Tasha was ‘the chosen one’, and forced the Summer Bay resident to have a child against her will.

Tasha left the show in 2006 to escape the cult, but wasn’t killed off — so there is a chance she could return.

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