Ada Nicodemou's shock Home and Away confession: 'Really controversial'

The star revealed some Summer Bay secrets on Instagram.

Ada Nicodemou has just admitted there’s one thing she ‘hates’ about filming Home and Away. The star, who has played Leah Patterson for 23 years, isn't a big fan of the Morgan house set.

In a candid Instagram Q&A, the Aussie actress spilled a number of behind-the-scenes Summer Bay secrets, including her favourite place to film, how often she watches the show, and addressed fan speculation surrounding Leah's relationship with Justin Morgan (James Stewart).

Two photos of Home and Away star Ada Nicodemou talking to fans
Home and Away's Ada Nicodemou has made a surprising confession. Photo: Instagram/adanicodemou

Ada’s character Leah has worked in the Pier Diner since she arrived in March 2000, so it makes sense that the diner is her favourite place to film.

“I just really like the diner because there’s heaps of stuff to do, and I know it really well,” the 45-year-old said.


However, she quickly followed that with a “controversial” opinion about filming in the Morgan house set, where Leah and Justin currently live.

“I know this is really controversial but I hate the Morgan house, ‘cause I feel like I can’t do a lot in the kitchen,” she spilled. “And I don’t like the furniture either. I just wish it was like, prettier or something."

“I think it needs to be more Leah-fied,” she declared.

Ada Nicodemou and James Stewart on the Home and Away set
The star 'hates' the Morgan house set. Photo: Seven

When another viewer asked if there were plans for Leah and Justin to get married, she remained tight-lipped and flipped the question back to the fans.

“I dunno, do you want Leah and Justin to get married? What do you think? Give me your thoughts,” she said coyly.


The star also revealed that she doesn’t get to watch Home and Away as often as she likes, which sometimes puts her in an awkward position. Ada is often getting her son Johnas, 10, ready for bed during the soap’s 7 pm time slot.

“I’m actually terrible if someone comes and asks me a storyline question that I’m not in. I struggle sometimes as I don’t get to watch it as often as I like,” she explained.

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