Home and Away fans are going wild for hot new doctor set to hit Summer Bay

It appears the hot new doc is here to save Mac's life.

There are a few certainties in Home and Away: the beach, Alf stomping around looking annoyed, Leah going through far too many traumas for one person to face, and good-looking people popping up from all over the place, probably with some deep, dark secret.

And on that note, there's a new face looking to be creating some waves (pun intended) in Summer Bay, with hot new cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr Levi, who will be rushing in to save the life of a Summer Bay favourite as of next week.

The announcement from the official Home and Away page was met with great enthusiasm from fans.

new Home and Away actor Dr Levi
Home and Away's new doctor, Levi. Photo: Seven

"He is rather lovely looking I must say," one happy fan commented.

"Wow. This is so good. I’ve wanted a new doc, looking forward to this," another said.


Will the new Doc catch Mac's eye?

In the comments of the announcement, many fans started speculating that maybe the new doc would be a love interest for Mackenzie.

Home and Away's Mackenzie. Photo: Seven
Home and Away's Mackenzie. Photo: Seven

Promos for next week's episodes show Mac looking like she's suffering from some sort of heart attack and Home and Away fan site Back To The Bay reported in August that an audition piece for a new doctor was posted online where the doctor talks to Mac after she suffers an episode related to her heart.

"Welcome Dr Levi, enjoy your stay and please fall in love with Mac," a hopeful fan said.

"Oh hope he's a new love interest for Mac," another said. "She deserves a good relationship."


"I bet he’s there the save Mac and they fall in love," another speculated.

Whether Dr Levi is long-term or not, hopefully he can save Mac's damaged heart — both literally and figuratively.

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