Home and Away fans agree on what show is lacking: 'Watered down'

Home and Away fans are missing one certain element of the show, speaking out on what the 2024 season seems to be missing.

Fans are missing some of the more iconic Home and Away couples, saying the 2024 couples feel watered down. Photo: Seven
Fans are missing some of the more iconic Home and Away couples, saying the 2024 couples feel watered down. Photo: Seven

Home and Away fans have spoken out in a Facebook thread of what they'd like to see the show bring back after going down a nostalgic stroll reminiscing on some of the show's former romantic couples.

If you grew up watching the show, you'll know the '90s and '00s, and even 2010s provided some strong, canon couples to rally around. You know the type, basically the Edward Cullen and Bella Swan-style love story, but not with vampires, and also set in Summer Bay, not some miserable American town.

From Sally and Flynn, to Bella and Aden, Leah and one of her numerous husbands, Hayley and Noah... the list is endless. The tangled webs of Home and Away love stories of course had all the drama, but you just knew the couples were destined to be together... at least until one of them died. That's right, they used to kill off some of the OG characters, instead of shipping them off to the city.

Aden and Bella Home and Away
Aden and Bella were a fan favourite couple in the '00s before she unfortunately carked it. Photo: Seven

In a Facebook thread, Home and Away fans are agreeing they miss the old days of the big love stories, with no recent couples capturing their hearts in the same way.

"I wonder whether there will ever be a better couple than Charlie and Brax. I also remember crying to my friend when Angelo got a promotion as it meant he didn’t have to wear the police jump suit uniform anymore," one fan posted.

"There is only one Brax and Charlie," another agreed. ""True, but I loved Jack and Martha too," someone also said.

"I miss the icon love stories they used to have. Everything seems very watered down the last few years," someone else agreed, while another referenced Angel and Shane from the '90s.


While we all sit back and miss the old fairytale couples, earlier this year Home and Away fans also made fun of a glaring plot-hole in the much-loved soap, with fans pointing out many characters are just wandering around jobless but without a financial care in the world.

Fans called out character Eden Fowler (Stephanie Panozzo) in particular, with the Summer Bay musician irking fans for sticking her nose in her brother's business while also just never seeming to do any work.

"Isn’t it about time the writers found a job for Eden to do, instead of her interfering in other people’s affairs especially in Levi’s!" one disgruntled fan posted in the Home and Away fan group, with many people agreeing.

Levi, Eden and Mac on Home and Away
Home and Away fans are sick of Eden poking her nose in her brother's business. Photo: Seven


"Eden has a job...it's miss polly poke nose she's in everybody's business," someone joked in response. "How does she pay her rent?" someone else queried.

This isn't the first time Home and Away fans have poked fun at the lives of those residing in the Bay. Earlier this year, fans were querying how Eden and her boyfriend Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), supported themselves after Cash was caught up in a police scandal that saw him leave his job as a cop.

"Three months without pay. And Eden barely does enough gigs. How do they pay their bills?" someone commented.

"Who needs money in Summer Bay?" another person joked. "I need to go and live there!" someone commented in response.

Same, sis, same.

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