Hidden 'naughty' detail in Kate Middleton's favourite outfits

Royal fans are often stunned by Kate Middleton's outfits when she steps out on official duties, and now a designer has revealed some hidden details in the Duchess's favourite dresses.

Kate is often snapped wearing dresses designed by Alessandra Rich, who admitted she never knows the Duchess of Cambridge will be wearing one of her outfits until she sees photos of her in it.

“We only know she’s wearing one of the dresses when we see her in it, we’re never told anything in advance," Alessandra told The Telegraph.

"We don’t ask and they don’t say.”

Kate Middleton wears polka-dot Alessandra Rich dresses side by side.
Kate Middleton often wears more conservative pieces from Alessandra Rich. Source: Getty

While Kate wears most of the designer's more conservative pieces, Alessandra told the publication they contained some "naughty" components.

"All my pieces are like this," she said.

"They cover the arms or the legs but there's always a split somewhere or a body chain underneath. It is good to be a bit naughty."


The designer said that Kate seemed so much more confident now at 40 than she did when she was 20, adding she loved to have clients that weren't "super young".

"You know yourself better, you know what you want – this is true for everyone, so it must be true for the Duchess," she told The Telegraph.

"I am just happy that what she wants at this stage of her life [are] my clothes."

Kate Middleton waves to fans while wearing a Alessandra Rich dress.
Kate's Alessandra Rich dresses contain a 'naughty' element. Source: Getty

Many of Alessandra's designs the Duchess chooses are long in length with a polka-dot pattern.

She donned a blue high-neck, long-sleeve Alessandra Rich polka-dot dress to the Wimbledon Championships in July and wore a stunning long-sleeve white dress with black polka-dots to the 2022 Royal Ascot Races.

In March, she ended her Royal Tour to the Caribbean wearing an elegant yellow 1980s-inspired dress, also designed by Alessandra.

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