Prince Charles condemns The Crown portrayal: 'Nowhere near'

Prince Charles has spoken up about his portrayal in popular TV series The Crown, saying that it’s ‘nowhere near’ what he’s actually like.

The royal made the candid comments about the show to a Scottish politician, who spilled the beans at an Edinburgh Fringe event.

L: Josh O'Connor playing Prince Charles on The Crown. R: Prince Charles smiles at the camera.
Josh O'Connor has been portraying Prince Charles on the show. Photo: Netflix & Getty (Netflix & Getty Images)

The Crown is a historical drama show about Queen Elizabeth II, with Josh O’Connor playing Prince Charles and Emma Corrin playing Princess Diana in seasons three and four.

There has been some backlash surrounding the show, with critics saying the show isn’t historically accurate, plus most royals are portrayed as being unlikeable.


Anas Sarwar, leader of the Scottish Labour Party, spoke to the royal before the opening of parliament last October.

“He came over and went, ‘Hello, nice to meet you all. I’m nowhere near how they portray me on Netflix’,” the politician recalled.

“I thought that was a really interesting way of how you describe yourself. I’m going to be in so much trouble for this because I don’t think you are meant to tell private conversations,” he admitted.

L: Emma Corrin and Josh O'Connor pose as Prince Charles and Princess Diana for The Crown. R: Prince Charles in a black suit stands behind Princess Diana in a blue suit and necktie.
Prince Charles has spoken out about his portrayal on The Crown. Photo: Netflix & Getty (Netflix & Getty Images)

Typically, private conversations with the Royal family aren’t supposed to be shared.

According to the Daily Mail, Clarence House declined to comment on Prince Charles’ supposed conversation, saying: “We don’t comment on private conversations.”

Prince Charles will be portrayed by Dominic West for the show’s final two seasons, which will tackle his divorce with Diana and her death.

Surprising claim about Diana's death

This comes after Diana’s bodyguard made a surprising claim about her death, caused by a Paris car accident on August 31, 1997.

Lee Samsum revealed to The Sun that he believes the royal would still be here today if he had been in the car with Diana.

Princess Diana smiles while wearing a white wide brimmed hat with red trim.
Princess Diana's bodyguard made a shock claim. Photo: Getty (Getty Images)

The bodyguard explained that he 'drew straws' which resulted in him not accompanying Diana and Dodi Fayed that fateful night.

“It could have been me in that car,” he told the publication.

“When I learned they were not wearing seatbelts in the crash I understood why they didn’t survive. That shouldn’t have happened.

“It was standard practice for the family to wear seatbelts. It was an order sent down from the boss, Dodi’s dad Mohamed Fayed. Dodi, in particular, hated wearing seatbelts and I always insisted on it."

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