The Aldi back to school Special Buy that's set to fly off shelves

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With Christmas over and the new year well underway, it’s almost time for youngsters across Australia to head back to school — which for many parents and carers is a costly experience.

There’s the uniform, school bag, lunchbox, P.E. kit... the list goes on. One item, in particular, that can empty the wallet quicker than you can say ‘Time for school!’ is a good, sturdy pair of shoes.

Mum with school-aged kids have raved about Aldi's affordable school shoes. Photo: Facebook.
Mums with school-aged kids have raved about Aldi's affordable school shoes. Photo: Facebook.

That might be why mums in an Aldi Facebook group are getting excited about the retailer’s upcoming Special Buys sale.

Hitting stores on Wednesday, January 13 is a whole swag of back to school essentials including a range of affordable leather shoes in several styles starting at just $14.99.

One mum of a new school starter put a call out for reviews on the cheap and cheerful joggers, lace-ups and Mary Jane shoes in the Facebook group.

“Has anyone bought their kids school shoes from Aldi in the past?” she wrote.

“Would you recommend them? What is the quality and longevity like?” she added.


Aldi's school shoes range start at $7.99. Photo: Aldi.
Aldi's school shoes range start at $7.99. Photo: Aldi.

The response she received in the comments was overwhelmingly positive, with many fellow mums singing Aldi’s praises — below, we’ve rounded up just a few:

  • “My son loved his. And they lasted the whole year. He has had new ones each year for the last 3 years.”

  • “Amazing shoes!!! I will be buying again for my daughter.”

  • “I love them, I always buy 2 pairs as they scrape the toes after a while.”

  • “I swear by these Aldi school shoes I have 3 children and buy them every year and they last the whole year and still look new I then give them away to friends...”

  • “Great product and amazing value for money.”

One mum revealed that she’d made the switch from more expensive, big-name brands to Aldi school shoes:

“I’ve always bought Clark’s and Crosby but Aldi by far beats them all,” they admitted.

Not everyone was on board with Aldi’s range, however, with one Facebook user calling the shoes “not great and very heavy.”

“Personal opinion but after last year of straying from Clark’s I will never stray again, I will only buy Clark’s,” said another.

“I bought a pair and lasted like three months so now I go to shoes and sox and spend that more and they get shoes that last the whole year,” added a third.

Aldi’s back to school Special Buys also includes an Insulated Lunch Bag for $7.99, a Premium Backpack for $19.99 and a Fashion Pencil Case for $3.99.

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