Heidi Klum, 47, stuns in tiny two-piece bikini in hotel room dance

Heidi Klum has stunned fans after sharing a video of herself dancing around her hotel room in a bikini.

The 47-year-old, who rose to fame back in 1992 when she won a national modelling competition at the tender age of 19, turned her Monday blues upside down with the interpretive dance.

Photo: Instagram/Heidi Klum
Photo: Instagram/Heidi Klum

Heidi looks stunning in a black and white striped two-piece from Frankie’s Bikinis.

The supermodel is currently filming America’s Got Talent with Sofia Vergara, Terry Crews and Simon Cowell.


Photo: Instagram/Heidi Klum
Photo: Instagram/Heidi Klum

Last week, Heidi also showed off her creative side online, telling her fans "don't try this at home” as she cut her own fringe.

“My husband wants bangs, my husband gets bangs,” she said, referring to her husband Tom Kaulitz.

"I just asked my husband what his favourite hairstyle was and he said long hair with bangs...after I just grew mine out," she said.

After cutting her own fringe, Heidi says: "He better notice this when he comes home tonight. This is clearly not a how-to video. Don't try this at home."

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