Major snub in Queen's Christmas photo

Queen Elizabeth II during her annual Christmas speech in her study with pictures of the royal family arranged on the desk
This photo from the taping of the Queen's speech this year has royal watchers in an uproar. Photo: Twitter/RoyalFamily

Looks like even the Queen plays favourites with a snap of the monarch shared to Twitter raising eyebrows over a glaringly obvious omission.

The photo, taken in the Queen’s Green Drawing Room during the taping of her Christmas speech shows a large desk with several family photographs arranged to be in full view of the camera.

Kate and Will’s family Christmas snap is clearly displayed, as is a portrait of Prince Phillip, one of Charles and Camilla, and a black and white photo of the Queen’s father.

Not pictured though, in a somewhat shocking move, is Harry, Meghan, or Archie.

Photo frames with photos including Charles and Camilla, a family snap on a vintage motorbike of William, Kate, George, Charlotte and Louis and his family, and a single shot of Prince Phillip and the Queen's father King George VI.
Pictures include Charles and Camilla, Wills and his family, Prince Phillip and the Queen's father King George VI. Photo: Twitter/RoyalFamily

Harry and Meghan were included in last year’s pictures decorating the desk, and are in fact the only faces that have been axed from last year’s line up.

Last year’s photos included the family shot of the Queen with Charles and his two son’s and respective family members.

Queen Elizabeth II during her Christmas address in 2018, photographs on the desk show the royal family including Meghan and Harry
Last year's broadcast included an image of Harry and Meghan. Photo: BBC
(F-B, L-R) Prince Louis held by Kate Middleton, Prince William,  Prince harry and Meghan Markle. Front: Prince George held by Prince Charles, Camilla and Charlotte
This photo was included in last year's broadcast. Photo: Instagram/kensingtonroyal

The annual Christmas address is a chance for the monarch to speak directly to her subjects all over the globe and is watched by up to 28 million people each year.

Any snub included in the broadcast is therefore on a major scale, and not done lightly.

Royal watchers gobsmacked at snub

A glaringly obvious omission next to the wholesome snapshot of Wills and Kate’s family, who are often compared to the Sussex couple, royal watchers were gobsmacked by the decision to leave the pair out.

“Any reason why there is no photo of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?” one asked.

“Noticeably missing is Harry and his family,” another agreed.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

After a tumultuous year for the duo, including private jet controversy, the birth of Archie, and a lawsuit with the press, the absence couldn’t be more conspicuous as rumours of unrest within the family continue to rage.

Even more surprising is the timing of the snap.

The photo was sent out just hours after Harry and Meghan’s thoroughly modern Christmas card was spotted online.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry watch Archie in the foreground if the photo staring into the camera
Just this morning, Harry and Meghan's family Christmas card first surfaced. Photo: Twitter/queenscomtrust

Another very conspicuous absence is Prince Andrew who after being accused of sexual assault and embarking upon a disastrous BBC interview has been stood down from royal duties.

As some people pointed out, however, the only people pictured are the heirs to the throne, The Queen’s husband, and father.

“Also 3 of her children are missing. It’s just the heirs to the throne plus her dad and husband,” one pointed out, though others wondered why the entire Cambridge family would be included when Harry, who is sixth in line, was snubbed.

With Harry and Meghan missing from the Queen’s annual family lunch, the latest hint will do little but fan the flames of rift rumours in Buckingham Palace.

A scandal-riddled year for the royals

It’s a highly unusual show of apparent division after a scandal-riddled year for the royal family.

Last week a petition to strip Harry and Meghan of their Sussex title was debated by a local council.

The year also saw Prince Andrew stood down from royal duties after his attempt to address allegations of sexual assault and his friendship with convicted paedophile Jefferey Epstein backfired.

Harry and Meghan were also heavily criticised in the press over their controversial pursuit of privacy and later hit back with a copyright suit again The Mail on Sunday.

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