UK's surprise response to Sussexes' $130m Netflix news

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle let the world gobsmacked when they announced their $130 million mega-deal with Netflix to produce documentaries, and it seems a certain family member may have been just as shocked as she was reportedly kept out of the loop.

A royal source has claimed the Queen was kept in the dark about the very public move by the former senior royals, discovering the turn of events along with the rest of the world, second hand.

Harry Meghan $130m Netflix deal happy
Harry and Meghan's latest big business venture reportedly reached the Queen second-hand. Photo: Getty Images

The Queen was reportedly informed about the couple’s decision through palace aides, with no direct information, let alone consultation, from the duo themselves.

“Harry did not inform the Queen about the Netflix deal,” a source reportedly told The Sun.

Queen Elizabeth told Netflix deal palace aides
The Queen was told through palace aides, a source claims. Photo: Getty Images

On the heels of the Queen being kept in the dark, is the news that the majority of the UK will be as well, with a jaw-dropping survey revealing well over half of Brits are not remotely interested in watching the duo’s work with the streaming giant.

It seems while the mammoth subscription service might command a huge viewer base of 193 million, it doesn’t necessarily dictate what they watch.

64% of Brits disinterested in Harry and Meghan’s upcoming Netflix content

YouGov polled more than 2,700 British adults about how interested they were in watching the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s content, and 64% said they were not interested at all.

The poll suggests Harry and Meghan are going to have an uphill battle in getting people to tune into their programming, with only 3% of UK respondents saying they are ‘very interested’.

The poll showed more women were very interested than men, at 4% of respondents to just 1% of male respondents.


There was some regional split, with the highest level of very interested people living in Scotland and London, at 5% in each place.

But every single region polled at more than 50% for ‘not interested at all’.

Women are more likely to be keen to watch Harry and Meghan's shows. (YouGov)
Women are more likely to be keen to watch Harry and Meghan's shows. (YouGov)

The duke and duchess look more likely to have success with younger audiences. Those aged 18-24 were more likely to say they were ‘very interested’ than any other age range, and they also polled the highest rate of ‘fairly interested’ responses.

Those aged above 65 were most likely to say they were not interested at all.

Sussexes latest move shocks

Harry and Meghan Harry looks concerned Meghan is smiling but looks confused
Harry and Meghan's Netflix move left royal watchers surprised. Photo: Getty Images

The Sussexes’ left Royal watchers absolutely shocked when they announced the huge multi-year deal with Netflix, thought to be worth $130 million, to create a series of documentaries, films and TV shows for the streaming giant.

It’s believed the shows will be based on issues that resonate with the couple personally and some of the projects are already in development, including a nature docu-series and an animated series celebrating inspiring women.

Meanwhile, the Queen has probably barely registered the international stage on which her family are now playing, after holding crisis talks with Prince Andrew over his involvement in the Jefferey Epstein scandal.

The prince reportedly left lockdown in Berkshire after five months, to rush to Balmoral for ‘crisis talks’ with the Queen over the ongoing saga surrounding his friendship with billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein earlier this week.

The Duke of York, who hasn’t seen his mother since July, has been accused by prosecutors in the US of failing to help in their investigation, particularly after the July arrest of Jeffrey’s former girlfriend, English socialite Ghislaine Maxwell.

Additional reporting by Rebecca Taylor

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