Hamish Blake films Wippa’s embarrassing boat accident: ‘Are you ok?'

Radio host Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli suffered quite an embarrassing boating accident on Saturday when celebrating his good friend Hamish Blake’s 40th birthday.

The Celebrity Apprentice star was filmed attempting to disembark a boat in Manly, only to slip on the wet dock and land on his back.

Wippa jumping off the boat and falling.
Wippa was filmed jumping off a boat and slipping on the dock. Photo: Instagram/hamishblakeshotz

In footage shared to Hamish and his wife Zoë Foster Blake’s combined Instagram audience of 1.9 million followers, Wippa was seen sitting on the bow of the boat wearing a white shirt and suit jacket with tan pants and white Crocs.

The Nova presenter took his time trying to jump off and required help from a friend as there was quite a large gap between the boat and the dock.


“You’re not going to make that,” Hamish laughed in the video before Wippa leapt and failed to stick the landing.

“Are you okay?!” a worried Zoë asked, while her husband continued laughing and farewelled the boat’s captain.

Wippa posing on the dock.
Zoë remarked that Wippa had a “stunning recovery”. Photo: Instagram/zotheysay

Wippa had organised the boat ride as a birthday gift after Hamish and his family caught the ferry to Manly for lunch.

“Someone’s best mate organised a beautiful surprise boat to get us home… BUT the water was too wild for us to get on,” Zoë shared on Instagram before the incident.

“On the plus side… This did lead to the most memorable moment of the day,” she captioned the video of Wippa’s fall.

Hamish posted the clip on his Instagram Story as well, labelling it an “elegant dismount” and using the hashtag ‘WipSlip’.

Wippa also re-shared the video shortly after alongside the caption: “So many, not any, messages of support. ‘If’ you found yourself not laughing but concerned, rest, I’m ok!”

Hamish said that Wippa “bounced back well” after the incident. Photo: Instagram/hamishblakeshotz
Hamish said that Wippa “bounced back well” after the incident. Photo: Instagram/hamishblakeshotz

Later in the evening, Hamish invited a small group of friends out for dinner and gave an update on his friend’s health.

“Post slip Wip, bounced back well!” he captioned a smiling photo of himself and Wippa, before adding in smaller text, “Obviously not literally, hit the deck like a sack of shit, but you know what I mean.”

Following the unfortunate accident, Zoë took to Instagram to post a loving tribute to her husband for his milestone birthday.

“Happy birthday to the joy-bringer, the laugh-extractor, the memory-maker,” she wrote alongside a photo of Hamish next to a large cake version of himself.

“You’re one of the absolute best people on this earth, and I know ‘cos I asked around. Thank you for infecting our lives and days with fun, brilliance, ingenuity and wholehearted, bighearted positivity. 40 is lucky to have you, and so are we.”

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