Sunrise host Nat Barr's question baffles Hamish Blake

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Sunrise host Nat Barr experienced an awkward 'lost in translation' moment during a live TV interview with comedian Hamish Blake and his beauty entrepreneur wife, Zoë Foster Blake.

The pair joined Nat and her co-host David 'Kochie' Koch on Thursday morning to chat about their new ad for Tourism Australia that aims to encourage Aussies to holiday in their own backyard.

Sunrise hosts Nat Barr and David 'Kochie' Koch in the Sunrise studio
Sunrise host Nat Barr left guest Hamish Blake speechless with a baffling question about his new TV ad. Photo: Channel 7.

The campaign sees Hamish and Zoë explore the Victorian rainforest, feast on lobster on Kangaroo Island and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef — which saw the Lego Masters host don a rather tight and clingy wetsuit.

"How embarrassed have you been?" asked Nat earnestly, causing the couple to burst out laughing.

"Of him? In general?" Zoë responded with reference to her husband.


Hamish Blake and his wife, Zoë Foster Blake, in the Sunrise studio
Hamish and his wife, Zoë Foster Blake, laughed off Nat's on-air blunder. Photo: Channel 7.

"...being on this campaign!" Nat interjected quickly in the hopes of clarifying her baffling question.

At this point, a bemused Hamish jumped in with his trademark sense of humour.

"Oh, on the campaign. I was like, welcome to a special six-hour edition of Sunrise!" he quipped.

Then Zoë weighed in on Hamish's behalf, saying that she thought he wore the wetsuit 'well'.

"We all actually put those [wetsuits] on afterwards as we just wanted to get in the water. He wore it well, I thought."

"That's love!" remarked Kochie.

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