Groom calls off wedding after fiancée's shocking behaviour

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It’s not uncommon for brides to get a bit carried away when it comes to planning their dream wedding day.

However, a wedding planner has recalled the moment one bride went so far into bridezilla mode that her shocking behaviour caused her husband-to-be to call off their wedding completely.

One bride went so far into bridezilla mode that her shocking behaviour caused her wedding to be cancelled. Source: Getty

Posting to, the couple’s wedding planner revealed it all began to fall apart when the bride found out her sister – who was also her bridesmaid – had fallen pregnant.

Her sister had been trying for three years before finally conceiving, so everyone was overjoyed by the news – everyone except the bride, that is.

Instead, she was furious about the ‘inconvenient’ timing and decided to ban her sister from being involved in the wedding entirely.

I don’t want to deal with the problems your pregnancy will cause,” she said, according to the post.

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At this stage, the wedding planner was already “flabbergasted” but admitted she was going to “put on [her] best retail face and continue with the plans”.

But in the months following, the woman’s bridezilla behaviour got even worse when a phone call interrupted one of their wedding planning meetings.

“Bridezilla and Bridezilla’s mom are with me and Bridezilla’s mom gets a phone call,” the planner recalled, saying the mum had to excuse herself in order to take what looked to be a serious call. 

When the mother returned, she looked “as though she’d been crying” as she went on to explain it was the sister on the phone, calling to say she had lost the baby. 

The news brought even the wedding planner to tears, yet to the shock of everyone in the room, the bride couldn’t seem to care less about her sister’s heartbreak.

“Oh. Well, I guess she can be in my wedding, then, since she’s not pregnant anymore,” was all the bride apparently said.

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After hearing this, the mother “snapped” and turned towards to wedding planner to say, in a “deadly calm” voice that she would no longer be financing her daughter’s wedding anymore while apologising for wasting her time. 

Unsurprisingly the bride went into immediate panic mode, pleading with her mum to take back the decision but the damage was already done.

And it seems the groom wasn’t going to stand for his fiancée’s insensitive behaviour either.

The wedding planner revealed that only twenty-four hours later, he called up to cancel the wedding entirely. 

The groom appeared to be just as shocked as the family as he decided to call off the wedding entirely. Source: Getty

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