Young bride sends 'essay of rules' to wedding guests

It’s not unusual for a person to dream about their perfect wedding. Some people spend years, or even their entire lives, planning it out to perfection.

However, one 19-year-old bride may have overstepped when she shared a full-page “essay of rules” along with the invitations.

The rules, shared by a cousin of the bride and published on The Daily Mirror, include guests having to pay for their own meal and alcohol, wear certain colours that matched the wedding’s theme, and to consider donating to a GoFundMe page that would pay for the couple’s honeymoon.

Not everyone received a plus one either. “[On] the invitation it read, ‘If your name wasn’t on the invitation, assume your [sic] not invited.’ My dad received an invite but not his girlfriend, so we just ‘assumed’ only dad was invited and not his partner,” the source said.

A cousin shared the outlandish requests that were made by the bride. (Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Surprisingly, the dress code was fairly relaxed. Guests didn’t have to wear “ball gowns or jackets,” and women didn’t even need to don heels. However, the young bride did pick a colour scheme, encouraging guests to wear navy, white, and silver and to avoid red, orange, and yellow — otherwise, they would look “washed out and pastel” in photos.

In lieu of gifts, as many guests were traveling for the wedding, the bride asked those who felt generous to donate to their honeymoon.

“However, for those of you who would still like to get us something, we are traveling to Sydney for our honeymoon and have many fun activities planned,” she wrote.

“We have set up a GoFundMe page where you can donate as little as $5 towards our trip. If you are unable to use internet banking, you are more than welcome to donate via cash/cheques also.”

Guests were also informed that they would not be allowed to bring their cameras, but professional photos would be provided.

All in all, while some on social media are mocking the essay, some of the demands don’t seem that bad.

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