Grant Denyer's wife Chezzi shares health update after sparking concern

The mum of three recently had to undergo a second operation after a nasty infection.

Chezzi Denyer and her kids, Grant Denyer with Chezzi
Chezzi Denyer. Photo:

Grant Denyer's wife Chezzi Denyer has shared a personal update after a recent health scare.

The mum of three recently shared that she had suffered a serious eye infection that antibiotics couldn't fix.

Doctors later told her she had periorbital cellulitis, a condition that happens when bacteria attacks the soft tissue around the eye, including the eyelid.

Chezzi Denyer's health update: 'This is a tiny speed bump'

Taking to Instagram to give everyone another update, Chezzie noted her second eye operation and said it "really knocked" her for a bit, before referencing her daughters as "helpful nurses."

"No podcast this week, sorry," she shared.

"This post is NOT to elicit sympathy. This is a tiny speed bump and there are many many people out there with much more significant problems, illness etc.. this is simply a notification of why I’ll be laying low for the next week and a half," she finished the Instagram update with.

Friends were quick to send her well wishes in the comments.


Grant Denyer's wife Chezzi with bandage on eye
Grant Denyer's wife Chezzi has shared a health update after an eye surgery. Photo:

"Get better soon lovely," media personality Harry T said.

"Take it easy honey," Jessica Rowe commented.

"Rest up and get well. I’ve had numerous eye ops. They are very uncomfortable and make you feel like crap. Look forward to the story when you’ve recovered," one fan said.

"Sending sympathy and love. Eye operations are horrendous, worse than a smear test. No need to justify your post. We all know you are kind and philanthropic, and love seeing your little ladies," another person commented.

Chezzi let fans know that her podcast with Grant, It's All True? would be back in early October after a short hiatus while she recovers.

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