Grant Denyer shares 'huge' family news: 'So proud'

Grant Denyer has been left proud as punch over his daughter's milestone.

Grant Denyer has posted an adorable video online, with the proud dad left beaming over his two-year-old daughter’s ‘huge’ milestone.

Grant and wife Chezzi Denyer’s two-year-old daughter, Sunday, was diagnosed with hip dysplasia when she was a one-year-old - months after the standard health check didn’t pick anything up.

The tot was left in a full body plaster for eight months after doctors told Chezzi that unless they took that action, Sunday may have needed a hip replacement.

Grant and Chezzi Denyer
Grant Denyer has shared an adorable video of his daughter. Photo: Instagram/Grant Denyer

“She’s running. This is huge,” Grant captioned the video on his Instagram page.

“So proud of our gorgeous little Sunday. She has not let her hip dysplasia hold her back. It’s been 8 months of a full body plaster cast and now this one, finally she’s figuring out a way to get the mobility she’s always dreamed of. What every kid needs and deserves.


“She’s so far behind in some milestones compared to others because of her dislocated hip but then again, she’s blossoming like you wouldn’t believe in so many other ways. And she’s never complained or gotten frustrated with it. Her spirit is simply extraordinary. Always smiling, always playing and always captivating us all with her gorgeous attitude to life,” he continued.

Sunday Denyer running in a hip cast
Sunday can be seen running in the video. Photo: Instagram/Grant Denyer

“She is a true delight to be around and watch grow. We love you so much Sunday… you make us proud every day.”

In a piece for Body and Soul, Chezzi detailed the moment doctors told her that Sunday’s life was about to change.

Chezzi Denyer holding Sunday in hospital
Sunday was diagnosed with hip dysplasia when she was one. Photo: Instagram/Grant Denyer
Sunday Denyer in a body cast
The tot has smashed her milestones. Photo: Instagram/Grant Denyer

“I went into shock as the specialist explained that she would need to go under general anaesthetic and be placed into a body cast, called a spica, as soon as possible. Because it had been diagnosed so late, her hip had basically been left flapping in the wind,” she wrote.

“It’s been so emotional because no-one wants to see their child hurting.”

Hip dysplasia is a condition that affects the hip joint developing in babies. While it’s usually diagnosed in young babies, it may not be noticed in some children until they are older.

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