The GoT wardrobe fail you probably missed

Fans are fuming at an epic editing fail. Photo: HBO

You can’t get anything by the eagle-eyed Game of Thrones fandom, and anything as basic as an editing fail will not be tolerated.

So it’s no wonder a rather embarrassing wardrobe oversight in last week’s episode has drawn the ire of seemingly every fan in the seven kingdoms online.

She might be unburnt, but that hasn’t stopped Daenerys Targaryen’s hair from coming under fire after her complex ‘do appeared to change mid way through a scene in last week’s premiere episode.

You’d be forgiven for missing the small detail at the time, but one fan couldn’t help but point out the gaffe online, and once you see it there’s no going back.

In the opening scene of episode one Westeros’ newest power couple Dany and Jon debut their new alliance riding into Winterfell on horseback.

Unfortunately in the midst of the much anticipated scene, Dany also appears to debut a magical changing hair style that we’re pretty sure wasn’t in the script.

Her complex hair style begins with detailed braided sides, before switching to a large braided bun, and fans are not happy.

Dany’s hair starts as a more relaxed set of braids. photo: HBO
Moments later her hair is in a large braided bun. Photo: HBO

The original tweet has gone viral, shared over 300 times and attracting comments from diehard fans who have a lot to say.

“Thats gonna bug me now (sic),” wrote one fan.

“I have a feeling this is going to cause me to spend too much time checking out her wigs for the rest of the season,” despaired another.

Many were able to see the humour in the situation, and the continuity fail has sparked some hilarious reactions.

Others were clearly quite distressed.

With only 5 episodes before the blockbuster series comes to an end, tensions are clearly high among the fandom, and it looks like even the tiniest mistake could unravel a few people.

Game of Thrones second episode drops on Monday in Australia.

May their wigs be consistent from here on out.

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