Googlebox star's real age shocks fans

Gogglebox star Tim Lai has left fans gobsmacked after it was revealed the fresh-faced TV personality is much older than many assumed.

Tim and sister Leanne are one of the program's most dynamic pairs, joining the show last year after Angie Kent and Yvie Jones left the show.

Tim and Leanne Lai Gogglebox real age shocks fans
Gogglebox's Tim Lai's real age has left fans shocked. Photo: 10

But the baby-faced Tim is not, as many assumed, a man in his twenties – he is actually turning 43 this year.

The news was not a deliberate secret but had fans absolutely bamboozled nonetheless when his age was casually mentioned in a news article.


The detail was picked up by an eagle-eyed fan who took to Twitter to express their bafflement.

“I saw an article this week … no way Tim is [in his] forties," the fan wrote. "No way!"

Tim Leanne Gogglebox
Baby-faced Tim said. most people need to see his license before they beleive his age. Photo: Instagram/timandleanne

Tim weighed in online, writing that people are commonly floored by his surprising age.

"No one believes it until they see the driver’s licence!" he responded.

If you're worried Leanne also had you hoodwinked, don't worry the siblings have an 11-year gap between them and Leanne is 31.

Tim Lai, Leanne Lai young looks age-defying
According to Tim, the youthful looks run in the family. Photo: Instagram/timandleanne

Tim has spoken out about being mistaken for being much younger in the past, saying it used to bother him but now he embraces it.

He told Who Magazine that it's all down to good genes, just ask him mum!

"When my mum found out that people were surprised by my age, she was like, “Are you joking? They should just come see me!” he told the publication. "Mum, who is Leanne and I on steroids, is in her sixties but she looks 40."

The news comes as Gogglebox returns for its thirteenth season on Channel 10 tonight after the episode debuted on the Lifestyle channel on Wednesday.

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