Gogglebox star Isabelle Silbery's horrific Christmas accident: 'Broken jaw'

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Gogglebox star Isabelle Silbery has shared her shocking facial injuries, namely a broken jaw, after suffering a terrible fall down a 'steep staircase' over the Christmas break.

The TV personality posted a confronting selfie on Instagram from her hospital bed on Boxing Day showing a number of bloody cuts and swelling on and around her mouth.

Gogglebox star Isabelle Silbery (centre) with her mum, Kerry and grandmother Emmie in their home. Photo: Foxtel.
Gogglebox star Isabelle Silbery (centre) with her mum, Kerry, and grandmother Emmie have appeared on the show since season three. Photo: Foxtel.

In the caption, Isabelle explained that her jaw was broken when she fell down a staircase leaving her unable to consume solid foods and instead having to drink liquids 'through a straw'.

"A broken jaw won’t stop me from having a Merry Xmas," she wrote.

"A steep stair case + drinks + drugs found in my system that I didn’t put there = Christmas through a straw," she added.

Isabelle didn't provide further details about the incident, nor how the unidentified substances came to be in her system but she did praise her fiancé, Alex Richards for taking care of her.


Gogglebox star Isabelle Silbery in hospital with a broken jaw. Photo: Instagram/isabellesilbery.
Isabelle revealed she'd suffered a broken jaw after a fall down a 'steep staircase' over Christmas. Photo: Instagram/isabellesilbery.

"Could’ve been a lot worse so I’m bloody thankful & also for this man @ajrichards6 who is now my live in nurse, chef and just the best career [sic] I could ask for," she gushed.

Isabelle's fellow Gogglebox star, Anastasia Katselas popped up in the comments to say, "Omg Izzy. Get well."

Sports journalist Megan Hustwaite exclaimed, "Jesus doll. Mend well. Merry Christmas," while Olympian Giaan Rooney wrote, "You poor thing!"

Isabelle is a Gogglebox stalwart, having appeared on the show since season three. She's accompanied by her mum, Kerry, 67, a retired teacher, and her 91-year-old Grandma Emmie, a former nurse.

Izzy shares a son, Luca, 7, with her ex-husband, Craig. In July 2020, her current partner Alex popped the question after they coupled up just four months earlier.

Gogglebox star Isabelle Silbery with her fiancé Alex Richards. Photo: Instagram/isabellesilbery.
Isabelle praised her fiancé, Alex Richards for looking after her while she recovers. Photo: Instagram/isabellesilbery.

Isabelle’s cancer battle

Back in January 2019, Isabelle revealed that she'd had several cancerous polyps removed from her bowel.

In the Instagram post, she revealed that she’d undergone her first operation a few months earlier and that she was “annoyed that my body is growing the C word”.

“Eight months ago I was really sick in NY on a girls trip & put it down to gastro but in my gut (pardon pun). I knew something was up & chose not to ignore the symptoms,” she told her followers.

“Turns out, I needed to have two high-grade cancer polyps cut out of my bowel a few months ago…the doc said that if left any longer, it wouldn’t have been good.”

In July that same year, Isabelle posted another update, writing, “Over the last few weeks, I’ve been recovering from key hole surgery to remove some cysts (All good).”

And in July 2020, Isabelle happily shared that her half-yearly colonoscopy was 'all clear'.

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