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Get 30% off weighted blankets to improve sleep and reduce anxiety

When it's time to decompress, there's nothing better than letting your muscles relax and feeling your body sink into a slower pace.

Just like a tight hug or long embrace, Calming Blankets have been providing that natural sense of security since 2017 with their cult weighted blankets.

Now they're offering you a chance to experience their entire range with a massive site-wide spring sale and 30% off everything using the code: SPRING.

Woman lies under weighted blanket
The weighted blankets are a best-selling product at Calming Blankets, with proven abilities to reduce anxiety and improve sleep. Photo: Calming Blankets

How they work

Weighted blankets have helped soothe thousands of Australians with the super-soft and heavy material adding an extra 2.2kg to 9kg to your slumber.

According to Calming Blankets, 63% of people reported having lower stress after using weighted blankets, and 78% of those rate the weighted blanket as a better tool to relieve stress than any other option.

"Studies have proven that humans benefit from a sensation called 'deep pressure stimulation', which is the firm, but gentle squeezing that we often receive from hugs which help to relax the nervous system," Calming Blankets says.

"Our Calming Blankets are weighted to help initiate this deep pressure stimulation - otherwise known as proprioceptive input."

Made from eco-friendly materials and super-soft plush fabric, it's no wonder Calming Blankets have quickly become a household staple.

Woman reads a book with a navy weighted blanket on her lap
The weighted blankets are all eco-friendly, durable, and washable. Photo: Calming Blankets


For you

With nearly 300 five-star reviews, the adults weighted blanket is hugely popular and now on sale for $209 down from $299, saving $90.

Available in navy, dark grey and blush, the best-selling blanket is made from ultra-soft plush fabric to keep you warm and cosy, while it's also antimicrobial, eco-friendly, durable and washable.

Also, each blanket comes with a 30-day risk-free trial, with a full refund in the unlikely event you ever wish to return it.

Woman using iPad with a pale blue thick knit weighted rug on her lap
The hand woven knit rug is a popular addition to Calming Blankets, now on sale for $293 down from $419. Photo: Calming Blankets

A new favourite in the range is the Hand Woven Weighted Blanket, weighing a hefty 9kg naturally from its thick woven material, with no ties, shifting weights, or beads.

Available in pale pink, blue, grey, and black, it's now on offer for $293 down from $419 saving you over $125.

Calming Blankets also offers weighted blankets made from bamboo for all-year temperature regulation, as well as sensory sheets, cotton covers, and weighted soft toys for kids needing that extra comfort.

For the kids

Parents love the kids weighted blankets, calming bundles, and sensory bundles, with many saying they saw a noticeable improvement in their child's temperament.

"I bought the 6.3kg blanket for my 8-year-old who suffers with night terrors, anxiety and sensory overload," one parent said. "As soon as I put it on her, she smiled and said she loved it - snuggly, warm and felt so nice. For the first time in forever, she slept through the entire night."

Girl sleeps with a koala toy and weighted blanket over her
The kids calming kit includes a weighted blanket, cotton sheet and a weighted koala toy for extra comfort. Photo: Calming Blankets

Shop the kid's weighted blanket now for $139, saving you $60.

Hurry though, with some items selling out already, you'll have to be quick.

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