FYI, Jason Kelce Recorded His Daughter Wyatt’s Favorite Taylor Swift Song at the ‘Eras’ Tour

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Jason Kelce truly snagged the Dad of the Year™️ distinction after he recorded his oldest daughter Wyatt's favorite Taylor Swift song while attending the musician's Eras Tour show in London. The former Philadelphia Eagles star dished all the deets during the latest episode of his and Travis Kelce's New Heights podcast.

“It's banger after banger,” Jason gushed when speaking about the concert. “'The Man,' Wyatt's favorite song was the second song. Recorded that, sent it over to Wyatt.” (FYI, back in April, the retired NFL player revealed that his four-year-old *also* loves “Shake It Off,” which relatable.)

Elsewhere during the episode, Jason raved about the acoustic portion of Tay's shows, which have become iconic due to the musician mashing up songs and introducing surprise tracks that aren't included in her standard setlist. Btw, at the singer's June 21 concert—aka the one Jason attended—she performed “The Black Dog” from The Tortured Poets Department for the first time along with “Hits Different” from Midnights and “Death by a Thousand Cuts” from Lover. Oh, and she *also* sang a mash-up of “Maroon” and “Come Back...Be Here” from Midnights and Red, respectively.

“First of all, I just love acoustic,” the former athlete noted before adding, “When it’s just the musician—it's just her, a guitar, and 90,000 people…And she's blending from one song to another and going through it [with the piano…].”

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“To be good in front of 90,000 people with just that, I think you have to be amazing. You have to, one, have great songs and great lyrics, which she obviously has written and made. And then two, be able to perform those seamlessly on the spot, nothing else to hide it...that was the highlight of the evening for me.”

It was then that Tay's boyfriend Travis added that the acoustic set is the part of the concert “everybody” in the audience is “waiting for.” “It gets everybody [back] on their seat. And then on top of that, it puts everybody in a room with Taylor,” he said, to which Jason added, “Dude, you're 90,000 people, but for some reason, it feels like you're in a bar just listening to somebody play on a piano.”

*Le sigh* Guess I'll have to keep living vicariously through people's Instagram Lives. 🤧😭

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