Farmer Wants A Wife star's X-rated claim about overnight dates

The Farmer Wants A Wife stars Shelby and Lorelei spilled on whether couples slept together or not.

Farmer Wants A Wife stars Shelby Grant and Lorelei Bates didn't walk away with love on the show, but the Gold Coast-based women did find a friendship in each other.

Lorelei, who was paired with Farmer David, and Shelby, who was partnered with Brad, have come together to launch a podcast called Coastal Cowgirls, where they share stories from their time on the show.

Farmer Wants A Wife star Shelby Grant and co-star Lorelei Bates
Farmer Wants A Wife star Shelby Grant surprised co-star Lorelei Bates with a surprising claim about overnight dates. Photo: Instagram/coastal_cowgirlspodcast

The pair has jokingly described the show as: "Two girls [who] failed to find love on the farm. We are hilarious, emotional, wild and unpredictable."

During the first episode, the girls answered questions from fans, with one asking whether anyone slept together during the 24-hour dates.


Shelby was certain that things went down between couples, but Lorelei didn't agree.

"Yeah, I do, I do think it happened," Shelby said.

"We don’t have to name names," Lorelei added.

Shelby with Farmer Brad
Shelby, who was partnered with Farmer Brad, thought people slept together during overnight dates. Photo: Seven

"Whether people admitted it or not, I think it happened," Shelby continued, "Don’t you? Surely you think it happened!"

"I don't know," Lorelei responded. "Like we (David and I) slept in the same bed on the 24-hour date, but on my part I was like, 'I don’t want to do anything in case I’m not the girl at the end'. Like, I’m just not the type of girl that can sleep around."

"Yep, respect," Shelby said.

Lorelei with Farmer David
Lorelei, who was paired with Farmer David, said she didn't believe people did. Photo: Seven

"I don’t know if anything other than that happened with any of the other girls," Lorelei added, but Shelby disagreed.

"I reckon it happened. I’m just gonna put that out there and say that it happened, I think, for sure, on other farms," Shelby said. "If I was a betting girl, I’d put money on it."

Lorelei also shared that since leaving the show she has checked in on Emily, who David ended up choosing, as the two women had been close friends during their time on the show.

"It did take some time, and at first I think we just respected each other’s boundaries," she said. "I've checked in here and there."

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