Farmer Wants a Wife Instagram 'spoiler' reveals Farmer Will's winner

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This year’s season of Farmer Wants a Wife only kicked off last week, and yet the final result may already be spoiled.

A suspicious social media clue about Farmer Will, who has emerged as a fan favourite on the dating show, has seemingly revealed who his final pick might be.

Farmer Will with his contestants.
An Instagram ‘spoiler’ may have given away Farmer Will’s winner. Photo: Channel Seven

While the 26-year-old farmer from Victoria is currently following all eight of his contestants on Instagram, eagle-eyed fans have noticed that he’s also following the joint account of Madi Simpson and Jessica Cova.

The pair run the account @cookingwithmadjess, with the bio reading: “Just two average joes taking the piss in the kitchen”.

Farmer Will is only one of 12 people following the account, although it appears they don’t follow him back.


This comes as Jessica, a 25-year-old dental nurse from Queensland, is predicted as the winner on betting agency Sportsbet.

Jessica has the best odds at $1.40, followed by Madi at $6 and Alicia Galloway at $7.50. Meanwhile, the odds of Farmer Will leaving the show without a relationship is also listed at $6.

Farmer Wants A Wife's Jessica and Farmer Will.
Jessica is the current favourite to win Will’s heart. Photos: Channel Seven

‘All this attention is a bit over the top’

Throughout this year’s season, Farmer Will has been inundated with thirsty comments, messages and even marriage proposals from single women gushing over his good looks.

The fourth-generation farmer recently spoke out about the attention, telling The Daily Telegraph that he finds it difficult to comprehend.

“I don’t think I am anything special whatsoever,” he said. “All this attention is a bit over the top I think.

“I really don’t think I am anything special or amazing. I think it’s a massive overreaction, there’s plenty of blokes who were better looking than me, that’s for sure.”

A recent promo for Farmer Wants a Wife featured Will opening up about his true intentions for coming on the show.

“I didn't come here to find a girlfriend. I didn't come here to kiss everyone. I came here to find my wife,” he remarked.

Farmer Wants A Wife continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel Seven

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