Farmer Wants A Wife runner-up confirms new relationship: 'I love him'

EXCLUSIVE: Annabelle Greenaway spills on how she met her new partner.

Farmer Wants A Wife’s Annabelle Greenaway has revealed she’s in a new relationship following her appearance on the Channel Seven reality show earlier this year.

The 22-year-old, who was left heartbroken when Farmer Matt chose Olivia Benic in the final episode, soft-launched her new romance on social media this week with a video holding hands with a mystery man.

Farmer Wants A Wife’s Annabelle Greenaway / Olivia Benic, Farmer Matt and Annabelle.
Farmer Wants A Wife’s Annabelle Greenaway has confirmed her new relationship after appearing on the reality show. Photos: Instagram/anna_greenaway / Channel Seven

Now, Annabelle has confirmed to Yahoo Lifestyle that she and her partner Eyden have been dating for almost two months.

“We started dating at the start of July and to be honest, I love him so much,” she gushes. “He is one of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.”


Annabelle shares that she and Eyden first met in January during an “unexpected” night out with friends, and then bumped into each other again on a boat party where things “heated up”.

“He and I never really intended to become this serious about one another and were very close friends,” she explains. “But as time went on we ended up spending all of our time together and realised it was a whole lot more than what we initially intended.

“Honestly, after the TV show, I wasn’t really looking for anything. I had such an amazing experience on the show and I learned so much about myself, and I knew when I met someone it would just happen when it was supposed to.

“My goal for the summer time as filming finished In December last year was to just have fun in the sun and make new friends. I knew when I met my new partner after seeing him a few times that he was something special and I think my heart took over.”

Farmer Wants A Wife’s Annabelle Greenaway with her co-stars.
Annabelle says she had an ‘incredible experience’ on the show and met so many ‘amazing people’. Photo: Channel Seven

'Incredible experience'

Annabelle went on to say that while her partner didn’t watch her entire Farmer Wants A Wife experience play out on screen, he enjoyed the snippets she posted on her private social media.

“He wasn’t raised in Australia so he wasn’t really sure how big Farmer was until I showed him a few things,” she details.

“I think he is proud of me for putting myself out there to experience such a full-on experience but also is quite happy with Farmer Matt’s decision as things could have been very different!”


Speaking about her time on the reality show, Annabelle shares that the biggest lesson she learned was that “sometimes it’s just not meant to be and that’s okay”.

“For any girls going on an experience like Farmer Wants A Wife, it is totally fine not to be the final girl,” she adds. “You can have such an incredible experience, meet some amazing people and grow so much as a person and that person will come into your life when you least expect it.”

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