Farmer Wants A Wife’s Hayley's pregnancy 'struggles': ‘Feel incompetent’

Just a few weeks away from giving birth, Farmer Wants A Wife star Hayley Love has opened up on social media about her pregnancy journey.

The 26-year-old, who claims to be pregnant with Farmer Will Dwyer’s child, took to Instagram on Monday to post a mirror selfie showing off her bump.

Hayley Love showing off her baby bump.
Hayley Love has opened up about her pregnancy journey in a lengthy Instagram post. Photo: Instagram/hayleyjlove

In her caption, Hayley spoke frankly about the struggles she has experienced so far and her hopes for her baby.

“First trimester was a struggle with sickness, second trimester was amazing, third trimester has been a rollercoaster,” she began, adding that she is currently 36 weeks pregnant.

“I wish I shared more of my pregnancy but I’ve been feeling negative and didn’t want to sugar coat anything.”


She continued: “I put on clothes and feel like a whale. I usually have a cry about it. My ankles swell up. I’m out of breath putting shoes on. I feel incompetent and I find it hard to process at 26 years old.

“But I am so grateful that I am growing a healthy little bubba. I hope to meet you sooner rather than later (maybe a few weeks early please).”

Hayley Love showing off her baby bump.
Hayley says that she feels “incompetent” and everything is “hard to process” at 26 years old. Photo: Instagram/hayleyjlove

A number of Hayley’s followers flooded the comments with messages of support, including compliments that she looks “absolutely beautiful”.

“Sending love and good vibes for these last couple weeks,” one person wrote, with another adding, “This bub is the biggest blessing and was meant to be and will be the light of your life”.

“The feelings you had are so normal of all pregnant ladies,” a third said. “Please lift your thoughts to positive, you’re nearly there, doing amazingly.”

“Pregnancy is a journey and you’ll discover more about yourself as the pages unravel,” someone else shared.

Hayley’s post comes shortly after she responded to fan speculation that she was back together with Farmer Matt Trewin, who she was initially vying for on the reality dating show.

Farmer Matt and Hayley Love.
Hayley recently shut down rumours that she had reunited with Farmer Matt. Photo: Instagram/hayleyjlove

“No I’m not,” she began her response in an Instagram Q&A. “We speak every day on the phone but I’ve got a little bubba on the way and all my focus is on being the best mother I can be.

“Farmer Matt has known since I was 12 weeks pregnant and has been super supportive. I do hope Matt finds the right gal though.”

She was also asked by a follower to “clear [up] rumours” of who the father of her unborn child is.

“This has come up a lot in the questions,” she replied. “I made a statement on when this all came out. I wouldn’t say someone was the father if I wasn’t certain. I won’t be discussing it again.”

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