Farmer Wants A Wife fans divided over Todd's huge reunion announcement: 'Way too soon'

"I'll give him his family, but he's got to give me a nice, big rock first!"

Farmer Wants A Wife's Farmer Todd and Daisy
Farmer Wants A Wife fans have been left divided over Farmer Todd and Daisy's huge announcement during the reunion. Photo: Seven

Farmer Wants A Wife's most controversial couple this year may also be the happiest! Farmer Todd Melbourne and Daisy Lamb appeared very much in love during the reunion, surprising fans by revealing they're ready for marriage.

"For me, it was just so amazing that this beautiful man could take me to this spot and be so vulnerable with me straight up. You know, he took me to the place where we're going to get married," Daisy told a shocked Samantha Armytage after taking a seat on the couch.

"Wait, let's [rewind], are you getting married?" Samantha asked.


"I haven't got down on one knee yet, but yeah, we've both had a chat about it and marriage and kids and [starting] that next chapter of our life together," Todd said. "We want a few little rugrats running around sooner rather than later. Daisy said I've gotta put a ring on the finger before the kids."

"That was the agreement," Daisy said nodding. "I'll give him his family, but he's got to give me a nice, big rock first!"

Todd added that the ball is "in my court", but said a proposal will definitely happen.

In an interview with New Idea, Daisy said, "Hopefully in the next 12 to 18 months, we’ll start to think about marriage. There’s definitely kids in the future. We actually sat down last week and went through kids’ names - which ones we did and didn’t like!"

Farmer Todd and Daisy in Sydney
Fans have some strong thoughts on Farmer Todd and Daisy's marriage plans. Photo: Seven

Fans were left divided over the couple's marriage plans, with some saying it's far too soon to be talking about marriage, given the reunion was filmed just one month after the show finished filming.

"Way too soon for that," one Facebook user said, while another added, "Give it a year I reckon, I bet they’re not still together this time next year."

"Daisy is a walking red flag, gives me Fatal Attraction vibes," another said on X.

"No seriously, how can she come straight out of a marriage then jump straight into another, like is it not that deep to her or what?" a third said.


However, many others were supportive of the couple, with one fan writing, "I love Daisy, she was very young when she was married, didn't work, people get over it they look deeply in love."

"I think they are great together," another said.

"The way they look at each other, it's undeniable they have the real thing. 😍," a third wrote.

It comes after Todd laughed off the claims that he might be set to propose to his lovely lady with Yahoo Lifestyle.

"I mean, it's pretty quick if I was gonna propose," he told us earlier this month. "Yeah, there was a bit of a joke with the farmers about who was gonna get a dirty knee."

Todd adds, "But, I mean, you'll have to wait and see, might be a bit of a shock there somewhere."

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