Fans Say They'll 'Definitely Buy' New Oreo Flavor Dropping for Summer

Oreo fans have had an exciting past few months with all the new releases that have come from the brand, and from the looks of it, the goods are going to keep coming!

The cookie giant is poised to drop a new flavor in July, and it's one that's perfect for summer: Mint Chip—complete with the waffle cone!

Social media users were given a preview of details of the flavor to come via an Instagram post shared by food blogger Markie Devo on Tuesday, June 25.

"Mint is always in season, if you ask me!!😮‍💨OREO is giving us a new Mint Chip chocolate flavor," the caption of the post opened.

It further introduced the delectable new sweet item: "This one features mint chip flavor creme with chocolatey chips sandwiched between two signature OREO chocolate cookies with a waffle cone embossment."

According to the details, the product is expected to be available at retailers starting July 8 for a limited time only, with no official word on how long they'll be around.

In the comment section, fans expressed excitement, with one writing, "They had mint chip ice cream Oreos a few summers ago and they were really good. Looks like the only difference is the waffle cookie? I’ll definitely buy these."

"Omg that's my favorite kind of ice cream 🍦, definitely need to try 😍," another agreed.

Meanwhile, someone else admitted, "I’m not a mint chip fan but I know many who would def try this out!!"

The snack brand has seemingly been on a mint chocolate chip-flavored kick as of late, recently having revealed that its Mint Chip Oreo O's cereal is headed back to store shelves. In March, it even debuted Oreo Mint Frozen Treats.

Additionally, other new flavor releases from throughout the year include Sour Patch Kids, and a collaboration with Star Wars.

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