Fans Puzzled and ‘Disappointed’ by Krispy Kreme’s Surprising New Collab

Krispy Kreme has confused some American fans with a new collaboration that will, at least for now, only be available in the United Kingdom.

Hitting Krispy Kreme locations and grocery stores on Monday, June 17 will be four new flavors inspired by the hit television comedy Friends, according to a preview shared on Instagram by Snackolator. The special doughnut creations will pay tribute to the show, famously based in New York City, and a couple of its standout moments.

An image in the food blogger’s Friday, June 14 post showed how each of the four new doughnuts will be decorated. One called “FRIENDS” will pay tribute to the show’s opening title sequence by featuring an image of the Washington Square Park fountain made of white chocolate. The piece of decorated white chocolate will be placed in the center of a glazed doughnut, which will also have chocolate icing and sprinkles.

The Trifle Friends doughnut will come as a strawberry- and custard-filled treat with added chocolate and green sprinkles. The How You Doin’? doughnut will come dipped in purple icing with additional frosting in mango and passionfruit flavors. The final flavor, the We Were On a Coffee Break doughnut, will feature latte-flavored icing, extra swirls of chocolate and an image of the Central Perk logo made of white chocolate in the center, a special nod to the fictional coffee shop frequented by the show’s six main characters.

Although many commenters on Snackolator’s post seemed interested in trying out the new treats, some were frustrated by the bakery chain’s decision to bring the Friends-themed doughnuts to the U.K. instead of the U.S.

“This is where I am just confused by the decision making process,” one fan wrote. “Friends was a huge US show (I know it is big internationally as well, but come on), yet this is a UK thing, wtf? I love getting to see all of these cool flavors and snacks, but it’s also showing me how much we miss out on.”

“I’m a huge Friends fan and I would’ve loved to see these donuts in a Krispy Kreme shop in the US,” another person wrote.

“UK? Bruh why not NY,” one Instagram user asked as another echoed their question, writing, “why wouldn’t this very american phenomenon be released in america @krispykreme … they hate us.”

Another Instagram user mimicked the phrasing used by Chandler Bing, the Friends character played by the late Matthew Perry, as they shared their reaction to learning that the doughnuts wouldn’t be launching in the U.S.

“Could I be more disappointed this isn’t available here!” they wrote.

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