Fans left outraged as Kid Laroi cancels concert at the last minute

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The Kid Laroi fans in Melbourne were left outraged on Friday night when the 18-year-old cancelled his Rod Laver Arena show almost 40 minutes after he was due to take the stage.

According to the Herald Sun, the singer was meant to begin his performance at 9pm, but at 9:35pm he cancelled due to illness.

The Kid Laroi
The Kid Laroi fans were left unimpressed on Friday night when the singer cancelled his Melbourne show 40 minutes after he was due to perform. Photo: Getty

Fans were left frustrated that he waited until well after the show's start time to cancel, with many questioning what he was suffering from.

Angry fans threw cups of beer across the venue with many chanting "Bulls**t! Bulls**t!"

Some fans took to Twitter, speculating that Kid Laroi was instead recovering from a hangover after partying in Melbourne the night before.


"So @thekidlaroi can go to lucky Thursday’s a club in Melbourne but can’t do his melb concert - the concert his touring for?" one user wrote.

"Look I’m no musician myself, but surely you’d realise way before 40 minutes after your were supposed to start ur gig that you were too sick to go on??? Kid Laroi breaking lots of hearts tonight," another fan said.

They continued, "I completely understand if he is sick. And with how ill people in Melbourne have been getting, I wouldn’t be surprised if he caught something. But do the responsible thing and call it earlier. People would have understood and been far less upset about the situation."

"3hrs spent waiting for @thekidlaroi Melbourne concert. Fully understand that even artist get sick but why did the whole concert go on for. Beer thrown at me and all just to find out the concert can't go on. 😭 Let's hope we can all make the next concert that will be made for us," a third said.

Others were more understanding with another writing, "It’s a shame so many people don’t understand and are still mad, if he did perform it wouldn’t be up to par with his other performances, it wouldn’t be the same energy, I mean poor guy can’t even stand atm, hope he feels better and can’t wait for the new show!"

Taking to Instagram, the singer shared a statement about the concert, apologising to fans, it read: "Melbourne - to say that I’m sorry is an understatement. I woke up this morning feeling really sick. I immediately took a Covid test and it came back negative. I got to the arena and took another Covid test- it came back negative again so I went out and did the sound check.

"I still felt strange but I started to feel like I was getting a little better so I kept going with it."

He continued, "After soundcheck, it got worse. I told my team and we debated what to do. I wanted to perform still, so we called the doctors and had them bring an IV drip and some extra stuff to try and help.

"As the night went on, it got worse, to the point where it was hard for me to stand up and go to the bathroom.

The singer was forced to issue an apology, explaining the situation. Photo: Instagram/TheKidLaroi
The singer was forced to issue an apology, explaining the situation. Photo: Instagram/KidLaroi

"I was getting super light-headed and my body felt super heavy. I promise you with all my heart that I gave everything in me to try and get up on that stage tonight.

"This is my first ever tour and I absolutely hate that I’ve had to do this, especially so last minute as it’s not fair on you guys and I would be lying to you if I told you I was okay to come up and perform for you."

Kid Laroi added, "I love you all more than anything in the entire world and again, I am so so unbelievably f***ing sorry. I will keep you updated on the rescheduled show date. I am coming back to perform this Melbourne show. I’m sorry."

Concertgoers will be notified about an alternative show, but the singer is set to play a second show at Rod Laver Arena on Saturday night with no word as yet if it will also be cancelled.

"Got the kid tickets to The Kid Laroi tonight - what time do rockstars wake up and decide if they’re sick or not? I’d rather not engage in hours of travel if there’s no concert at the end of it," one user wrote on Saturday.

"@thekidlaroi how are you feeling today m8 I just need to know if I should travel 3 hours to Melbourne for this Saturday concert I’ve been so excited all day and I don’t want have to travel that far for nothing thx you and hope you get better soon," another added.

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