Erin Molan stuns with X-rated FaceTime confession: 'Uncomfortable'

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Radio host Erin Molan was outed on her radio show, The Morning Crew with Hughesy, Ed and Erin, for a seemingly X-rated habit she has when FaceTiming people.

Erin's sister Felicity called up the show while the hosts were chatting about household nudity, explaining that the host is very open when it comes to nudity.

Erin Molan FaceTime
Erin Molan's sister outed her on her radio show for having answering FaceTime calls while naked. Photo: Instagram/Erin Molan

Felicity added that Erin has no problems picking up a FaceTime call while fully naked.

"The problem I have with Erin is she’s very open about it, when I FaceTime her, (she) could just kind of decline the Facetime and say, ‘sorry, now’s not a good time’ … but she’ll always pick up," Felicity said.


"And I usually FaceTime her when I’m out having a coffee somewhere in a cafe, so I have to make sure there’s no one lingering over my shoulder."

Dave Hughes, who was shocked by the information, questioned, "So Erin answers Facetime calls nude, without any idea where you are?"

Erin Molan poses for selfie
Erin's sister Felicity said the host answers FaceTime calls naked despite the fact Felicity might be at work. Photo: Instagram/Erin Molan

"Absolutely!" Felicity responded. "I could be at work."

Erin joked that it could be part of a "midlife crisis", while Felicity added that it's not often "full-frontal" nudity.

"It’s like a bit of a weird artsy European film or something, where there’s little objects concealing things... arty," Felicity said, jokingly adding that it makes her "uncomfortable".

Hughsey's X-rated confession

Dave Hughes
Hughesy recently shared his own X-rated confession on the show last month. Photo: Instagram/Dave Hughes

It comes after Hughesy recently shared his own X-rated confession on the show last month, revealing that when he was in his 20s his mum caught him spending $200 a week at a brothel.

"I was single and I was broke and my car shat itself right and I rang my mum and said, 'Mum, I need money,'" he told listeners.

"She is like, 'You dropped out of uni, you are useless, we are going to be giving you money for the rest of your life'. And I am like, 'No, I have a comedy dream but to get to the gigs I need a car so I need my car to be fixed.'"

She agreed to lend him money for one last time, but the host, who is now 51, didn't realise his bank statements were still being delivered to his parents' house.

"I get a phone call back about half an hour later," he recalled.

"She (mum) said, 'I’ve looked at your bank statement' and she said I keep spending $200 at this bistro. 'Why are you spending money at this bistro?'"

"You don’t want to know. I said 'Mum, it is a brothel,'" he added. "My mum said, why are you doing that?"

"I said, I don't know Mum, I can't find a girlfriend."

Hughesy ended up meeting his now-wife in 2002 with the pair sharing three children together.

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