Fans Are Left Emotional as Lindsay Lohan Details 'Most Beautiful' Life With Son Luai: 'She's Glowing'

Fans say Lindsay Lohan is "glowing" in the wake of becoming a mother, a journey that she's opening up about in a new interview with Good Morning America.

The star of Disney's Freaky Fridayand its upcoming sequel—sat down with the morning show, where she detailed the "most beautiful" experience raising her 11-month-old son, Luai.

"I'm so grateful for every moment of it," she said, looking back on her journey into motherhood ahead of her firstborn's first birthday. "Just, every second. Every morning, waking up and running to grab my son and just looking at him, and when he looks me back in the eyes, it's just—I'm going to get emotional," she admitted, calling it the "most beautiful" reason to be "grateful every day."

She also reflected on the speed of time and how "we always move so fast," noting how important she's learned it is for her to be "taking time for [herself] and really just cherishing every moment" with her family.

Fans couldn't quell their emotions as they witnessed Lohan speak, with one writing, "Watching Lindsay grow into the woman she is now just 🥹💖🥲."

"🥹🫶," another agreed simply with similar emojis.

"The joy that comes with being a mother❤️," another affirmed what she was saying, sweetly adding, "she’s glowing 😍."

While Lohan is a bit busy filming with Jamie Lee Curtis at the moment, she's already confirmed that she's looking forward to going through it all again some day.

"I want another," Lohan recently told Drew Barrymore. "Yes, of course, yeah. Because I was lucky enough to have a sibling, so I want Luai to have that."

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