Extremely skimpy bikini leaves shoppers horrified: 'Why bother?'

Shoppers have been left gobsmacked by a fashion brand's extremely skimpy bikini design.

A woman posted a TikTok sharing a picture of the bikini available at online store SHEIN, which leaves almost nothing to the imagination.

The bikini features two tiny pieces of material that cover the breasts, attached to a small piece of string that runs down the body to another small piece of fabric at the bottom.

Stacy, who posted the video, described the bikini as "terrifying" as she shared a screenshot on from the fashion brand's website.

A skimpy bikini on sale on the SHEIN website.
Many were shocked by the racy design. Source: SHEIN

"As a fat girl I would be terrified to wear this," she said.

"But even as a skinny girl, if I was skinny like that ... I would be terrified of everything falling out everywhere."

The woman then added she'd "need a prayer" to ensure she didn't suffer a wardrobe malfunction, "And probably super glue to make extra sure".

She added while the model could pull off the bikini, which retails for $5.95, Stacy added it was "brave, very brave".


Other TikTokers were just as shocked by the minuscule outfit, with one saying, "One wrong move and boom everyone's seeing everything".

"Girl I AM skinny like that and I’m horrified," one said.

"The bra part would have to be stuck to her boobs to avoid a nip slip," another claimed.

"Why bother? It's literally strings," a third added while Stacy joked, "Imagine the tan lines".

It comes after SHEIN recently confused shoppers with a pair of cut-out pants.

A pair of purple pants with cut outs on the front and back of the crotch.
SHEIN confused shoppers with their purple cut-out pants. Source: SHEIN

The lilac pants resemble chaps held together by a belt, with the entire front and back crotch area completely exposed.

The strange fashion item left shoppers asking: "What on earth are these?"

“What is this trend of being practically naked all of a sudden?” one person wrote on social media.

“I’ll be wearing these on Saturday, my unwaxed cheeks on display for the world to see,” another quipped.

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