Exclusive: MAFS bride Alana's surprise Bachelorette confession

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Married At First Sight's Alana Lister may have only recently finished up on the reality show, but she's already hinted she may be ready to return to screens in the near future.

During an exclusive chat with Yahoo Lifestyle, Alana revealed she's thought about the idea of being The Bachelorette.

MAFS Alana Lister poses for a selfie
Married At First Sight star Alana Lister has confirmed she'd be interested in starring as the Bachelorette. Photo: Instagram/Alana Lister

"So that question came up the other day when I did a [Instagram] live," she told us. 

"And I said, 'You know all I might be interested in it,' and then it became like a thing that like got spread out like, 'Alana wants to be The Bachelorette!'


"I don't even know if they're casting The Bachelorette like right now anyway but legally I don't think I could do it in general because of my contract. And because I'm really empathetic it'd be hard for me to kind of pick the guys out and kick them out but I mean, I would give it a go but I think it'd be one of the hardest shows you could probably do."

However, she quickly continued, "Maybe in a year or two, less intense," adding it would also depend on whether or not she was single at the time.

Alana and Jason on MAFS
Alana revealed the reason she and Jason Engler broke up was due to the controversy surrounding the infamous video he was a part of. Photo: Nine

This is not an issue at the moment, with the reality star sharing she's not currently seeing anyone, "I'm not even dating anyone, I'm not even talking to anyone. I don't want to make a Bumble account and then have it get [screenshot] and then [an article] will come out and say, 'Alana on dating sites!' So, I've not even tried to get onto the dating scene yet."

Alana also revealed the reason she and Jason Engler broke up was due to the infamous video he, Georgia Fairweather and Johnny Balbuziente appeared in, where they made fun of bisexual groom Liam Cooper.

In the video, Jason is heard referring to Liam as a "full-blown homosexual" and even body shames him.

"I'm by the pool and just want to say Georgia's husband is full-blown homosexual. He is ugly and chubby and doesn't go to the gym," the reality star continued.

Alana on Married at first sight
Alana shared that she's currently not seeing anyone and hasn't even tried dating since the show ended. Photo: Nine

Alana told us the controversy surrounding the video was too much for them to handle, "The controversy was something that ended our relationship, so it impacted me in the way that Jason and I are not together anymore."

"We were never able to get past that controversy. So, it obviously affected me in a big way and it's unfortunate that had to happen, but I know I tried to get through it as much as I could, but we never made it."

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