Evil Dead Rise cast on the 'worst' part of filming: 'Form of torture'

Alyssa Sutherland and Lily Sullivan share what it's really like to make a horror film.

Fans of the Evil Dead franchise have waited ten years for another film to be added to the series, with Evil Dead Rise already being called this year's best horror film.

Evil Dead Rise takes the franchise from the woods and into the city (though there is a traditional Evil Dead moment at the beginning of the film) and sees Beth (Lily Sullivan) reunite with her estranged sister Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland) and her three children.

Evil Dead Rise's Alyssa Sutherland and Lily Sullivan
Evil Dead Rise's Alyssa Sutherland and Lily Sullivan reveal what it's really like to shoot a horror film. Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

However, the sisters' reunion is cut short by the rise of flesh-possessing demons, thrusting them into a battle for survival.

The film is a shocking, gory horror experience, with stars Alyssa and Lily revealing to Yahoo Lifestyle that it was actually an incredibly fun process making the film.

"It's such an intense like – with all the in-house camera tricks, all the prosthetics, everything being such like, handmade craftsmanship, it was kind of like, you're super exposed, it's like no spookiness," Lily tells us about behind-the-scenes of the film. "It's kind of this epic, fun, collaborative explosion of different departments. You're more laughing!"


"Yeah, you are!" Alyssa agrees, as the pair joke that it would be "crazy laughter", not regular fun laughter.

"Where the eyes don't look super happy, it was just kinda like, everyone's just surviving," Lily jokes.

"We're like, 'We might be losing our minds! We might be, we'll see!'" Alyssa adds. "You read the script, and you go to set one day and you're like, 'Oh, this is a really weird day, isn't it – this thing I'm doing today. Woah, nothing's going to top this!' And then you go the next day and you're like, 'Oh, yeah, I thought nothing was going to top [that].'"

Evil Dead Rise's Alyssa Sutherland
Alyssa may not like horror films generally, but she 'relished every moment' playing Ellie, who is taken over by a demon. Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

"Because we shot in chronological order!" Lily adds.

"Yeah, so it doesn't stop, it just doesn't let up!" Alyssa says.

As fans will see from the film's trailer, Ellie is taken over by the demon, wreaking havoc on her family, and it was a role Alyssa was very excited to play despite not enjoying horror films usually.

"I've always like been a fairly physical human anyway, and fairly athletic, and I did gymnastics when I was a kid, and I got hardcore into some circus arts for a time," she tells us. "And I've been really itching to play a role like this that is like, more kind of creature than human. This is a role I've been begging for for a long time. And I just relished every moment of it, and enjoyed the hell out of it."

'Fight or flight'

Lily Sullivan covered in blood in Evil Dead Rise
Lily ends up covered in fake blood at one point in the movie, revealing it was like a 'form of torture'. Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

Alyssa adds that playing her role is very different to Lily's role of Beth, who fights for survival throughout the film.

"What Lily did, I don't know if I'd be able to like stay sane!" Alyssa says.

"We were saying, nervous system-wise it's just all fight or flight and the body doesn't know the difference," Lily says.

"You're in pure terror and I'm having the time of my life," Alyssa adds.

Lily explains, "I'm just like, 'Cool, my body doesn't know what's happening.' And then I'd always say, 'The bathtub is full,' it'd be like a code red for like on set, I'd be like, 'Bathtub full,' because I would just start [mimics crying] because the body just doesn't - you're like, 'I've just gotta get this out!' And just go sit in the toilet and [pretends to cry] and then come back!"

"Just a little strategy," she jokes, adding it was all "worth it".

In one scene, Lily's character ends up covered head to toe in blood, which wasn't as fun on set for the star, who explains she'd be finding fake blood days later, adding it also stained her skin.

"It was a form of torture," she tells us. "It was like sticky, syrupy, like the hairs would rip off, it was like having wax on at points and I walked around with a spray bottle so I could like [spray] the rolls in my neck... to be able to look at someone talking to me, it was – and eyelids getting stuck!"

"I think the blood is worse than the prosthetics," Alyssa adds. "Because I did have both, but not as much as blood as you did."

Lily joked that Alyssa's makeup was done "professionally", whereas she had fake blood thrown on her with buckets.

"Oh, gosh, you poor dear," Alyssa tells her before adding, "I had a great time!"

Evil Dead Rise is exclusively in cinemas from April 20.

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