Emma Watkins teases first project since leaving The Wiggles: 'Proud'

Emma Watkins may have left the popular children’s group The Wiggles, but she’s not done with entertaining and educating children.

The star shared a first look at her next project Emma Memma, a new children’s character that is focused around dance, sign language and animals.

On the left a cartoon version of Emma Watkins as her character Emma Memma, on the right, a photo of Emma Watkins, Kerrie Hess and their friend Grace.
Emma Watkins posted a photo with her two friends who have helped bring Emma Memma to life. Photo: Instagram/emmamemmamemma & emmawatkinsofficial

Emma is known for being an ally for the Deaf community, as well as being passionate about supporting organisations that protect Australian wildlife, so her new character ties these interests together nicely.

On Monday, the former Wiggles star posted a picture of Emma Memma on Instagram, a cartoon version of Emma painted by Australian artist Kerrie Hess. The star teased that big things were on the horizon in the caption, writing: “Emma Memma Monday. Costume coming soon…”

Fans were delighted, with one saying, “She’s so cute! I can see this character going places.”

One person called the character “gorgeous”, while another thought it was “beautiful”.


Emma Watkins poses with her husband Oliver Brian and their dog.
Emma Watkins recently tied the not with Oliver Brian. Photo: Instagram/emmawatkinsofficial

Emma also shared photos of herself with Kerrie and another friend Grace, saying that she was “so proud” of the pair, another clue that there has been headway made on the Emma Memma project.

In the caption, the former Wiggle wrote, “Kerrie & Grace - creating art education on digital platforms and sharing their love of art to the world.”

This comes after Emma opened up to The Daily Telegraph about the character, confirming she has plans to bring Emma Memma both to the screen in animation, and as a live character.

“I would really love to create a brand new show where this particular character uses sign language as a part of their communication options,” she told the publication.

Emma Watkins smiles for the camera with artist and friend Kerrie Hess.
Artist Kerrie Hess has been working with Emma to create her new character Emma Memma. Photo: Instagram/emmawatkinsofficial

“While she might also be dancing and moving and using gestures and singing, sign language is a huge part of the way she communicates with other people, particularly those who might only use sign language for example.”

Emma has always strived to incorporate sign language into her performances, and it looks like this new venture will be no different.

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