Bachelorette Elly reveals secret behind jaw-dropping figure

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Bachelorette number one Elly Miles has revealed her surgery secrets this week, and it turns out the blonde beauty has indulged in a spot of enhancement in the past few years.

The down to earth country girl is currently shuffling through hearts as one half of the Bachelor Australia franchise’s first double Bachelorette pair alongside sister Becky.

Becky and Elly Miles (L-R) appear on The Bachelorette, Elly reveals boob job
Bachelorette one of two Elly has opened up about her cosmetic surgery choices. Photo: Ten

The undeniable beauty opened up about her cosmetic choices this week, once again proving her no BS approach to life and publicity by happily discussing the treatments she has undergone in a chat with The Daily Telegraph.

“I have had plastic surgery,” she told the paper. “In 2018 I had a breast augmentation. It was always something that I wanted to do for a lot of years.”

Bachelorette Elly Miles poses in yellow bikini shows off breast augmentation
Elly says she chose to undergo the procedure to bring her body into 'proportion'. Photo: Instagram/ ellymiles / Nine


She said she decided to undergo the procedure in a bid to bring her body into proportion.

She also revealed she has regular Botox injections, saying she considers it very important to look natural, but to be confident in her own skin.

“I do get Botox in my frown lines,” she said.

“As I have really poor eyesight, I have had quite deep lines in my frown since I was 19 and get a little bit of Botox there to help fade them and prevent them from getting any worse.”

It’s not the first time the Bachelorette has spoken about her plastic surgery choices.

Elly Miles poses in bikini holding smoothie the Bachelorette discusses plastic surgery rumours
Elly has opened up about her surgery choices in the past confirming botox but no dental. Photo: Instagram/ ellymiles

Last November the nurse from Parkes, NSW, revealed in a Q&A with fans on her YouTube channel her decision to have the boob job before appearing on telly.

Elly went on to admit that she ‘doesn’t have’ a skincare routine and is ‘lucky to have had nice skin all my life’ which she attributes in part to being on the contraceptive pill since she was 14 to help with severe period pain.

Breast implants and Botox aside, Elly shut down a fan who asked if her perfect smile was due to veneers, explaining that her pearly whites were the result of braces and a strong whitening solution from her dentist.

“It’s a bit exxy but does the job,” she said flashing a bright grin.

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