Bachelorette 2020 contestants unrecognisable in pre-show pics

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Another season of The Bachelorette brings another set of handsome, eligible gentlemen, but if you’d met some of the charming chaps a few years ago you may not have recognised them.

According to their impressive ‘before and after’ pics on Instagram, Nick Chamberlain, Saj Bakhsh and Rudy ‘Mr Italy’ El Kholti have all undergone some serious transformations before making their reality TV debuts.

Rudy 'Mr Italy' El Kholti hasn't always looked like this! Photo: Channel 10.
Rudy 'Mr Italy' El Kholti hasn't always looked like this! Photo: Channel 10.

From hitting the gym five times a week to dropping a whopping 18kg in a year, these men certainly aren’t strangers to hard work and dedication — but will it help them catch the eye of bachelorette sisters Elly or Becky Miles? Only time will tell!

For now, here’s a closer look at how much the three bachelors have changed.

Rudy El Kholti

Bachelorette 2020 contestants unrecognisable in pre-show pics. Photo: Instagram/rudyelkholti.
Rudy El Kholti showed why he was crowned 'Mr Italy' in 2019. Photo: Instagram/rudyelkholti.

Rudy took part in Instagram’s ‘10 year challenge’ trend back in January 2019 by sharing a striking side-by-side snap of himself that showed off his incredible transformation. In the left-hand photo taken in 2008, the personal trainer is shown wearing a pair of white speedos while on a beach in Venice Italy. When compared with the right-hand photo it’s clear why the 30-year-old was crowned ‘Mr Italy’ in 2019.

In the caption, Rudy explained how he achieved his goal by switching up his eating habits and exercise routine which previously involved playing soccer four times a week but now sees him in the gym five days a week.

“Embrace the change and never forget where you come [sic] from,” he added.


Saj Bakhsh

Bachelorette 2020 contestants unrecognisable in pre-show pics. Photo: Instagram/saj_bakhsh.
Saj Bakhsh dropped almost 20kg in a year. Photo: Instagram/saj_bakhsh.

As a personal trainer, it’s Saj’s job to help others achieve their fitness goals, however, it was just a few years ago when he was on his own health journey. The 25-year-old took to Instagram in December 2017 to proudly show off the results of his 12-month transformation.

“What a journey it has been from the start of the year till now,” he captioned the post which featured shirtless before and after shots to document his 18kg weight loss.

“My goal for 2018 is to help transform as many individuals as I can,” Saj added.

Nick Chamberlain

Bachelorette 2020 contestants unrecognisable in pre-show pics. Photo: Instagram/_nickchamberlain.
Nick Chamberlain showed off his transformation from 2012 (left) to 2017 (right). Photo: Instagram/_nickchamberlain.

Even though he was sent home without a rose in the very first episode, Nick can be proud of the huge five-year fitness journey that he showed off on his Instagram in 2017.

Again, the 25-year-old support worker opted for a classic side-by-side before and after post to highlight his new physique. He kept his caption short and sweep, writing simply, “2012-2017 #transformation”.

It’s not just the blokes who look a little different these days.

Back in 2019, Elly Miles revealed that she underwent a breast augmentation the year before she appeared on The Bachelor.

“Yes, I’ve had them done,” she admitted in a fan Q&A on her YouTube channel.

The nurse from Parkes, NSW, also came clean about getting Botox to smooth ‘four very distinct lines’.

“I got Botox just before going on [the show] because I could see in photos that I had four very distinct lines, and my makeup would set into it,” she explained.

Bachelorette Elly Miles wearing a yellow bikini
Bachelorette Elly Miles admitted to having a boob job and botox before she appeared on The Bachelor in 2019. Photo: Instagram/ellymiles.

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