Bachie star Elly Miles reveals pre-show breast implants and Botox

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Bachelor star Elly Miles has revealed she underwent pre-show breast implant surgery. Photo: Instagram/ellymiles.

She’s the bubbly blonde that captured Australia’s heart on The Bachelor earlier this year, and now Elly Miles, 25, has revealed just how far she went to put her best foot forward before making her reality TV debut.

The nurse from Parkes, NSW, admitted in a recent fan Q&A on her YouTube channel that she underwent a breast augmentation late last year.

On top of that, the self-professed ‘country bumpkin’ came clean about whether or not she’s had Botox or dental veneers, while also spilling her skincare secrets.

Elly’s pre-Bachie boob job

In the video, which she filmed from her parent’s home where she’s currently living, Elly fielded questions from fans, one of whom asked if she’d had a boob job.

“Yes, I’ve had them done,” she admitted.

“I had them done [on] September 14, 2018, so just over a year ago,” she added.

“The girls are one year old!” she said giggling.

She treated viewers to a ‘little peek’ at her bust by standing up and modelling for the camera.

Elly also made sure to name the ‘fantastic’ surgeon who performed the procedure in Sydney last year.

“The girls are one year old!” Elly said of her breast implants. Photo: Instagram/ellymiles.
Elly gives fans a 'little peek' at her boob job one year on. Photo: Instagram/ellymiles.

Botox for The Bachelor

Elly’s pre-Bach beauty prep didn’t stop there, with the down-to-earth beauty revealing elsewhere in the clip that, yes, she had Botox to smooth ‘four very distinct lines’.

“I got Botox just before going on [the show] because I could see in photos that I had four very distinct lines, and my makeup would set into it,” she explained.

She added that she’d been told by a friend that she ‘needed’ the anti-wrinkle injections in her teens.

“When I was 18 or 19, my friend who is a beauty therapist said to me, ‘You need Botox’, and I was like “F**k you, no I don’t” … and I did need Botox,” she recalled.

Beach babe Elly soaks up some sun. Photo: Instagram/ellymiles.
Bachie star Elly in August, 2018, a few weeks before her breast implant surgery. Photo: Instagram/ellymiles.

Elly went on to admit that she ‘doesn’t have’ a skincare routine and is ‘lucky to have had nice skin all my life’ which she attributes in part to being on the contraceptive pill since she was 14 to help with severe period pain.

Breast implants and Botox aside, Elly shut down a fan who asked if her perfect smile was due to veneers, explaining that her pearly whites were the result of braces and a strong whitening solution from her dentist.

“It’s a bit exxy but does the job,” she said flashing a bright grin.

"I’m choking up as I write this because it was honestly the most life changing trip," Elly wrote of her European escape. Photo: Instagram/ellymiles.

Elly’s post-Bachie life

Also in the Q&A, Elly revealed she has ‘no current plans’ for travel.

“I’m still trying to pay my dad back for my last trip,” she laughed, referring to the overseas getaway she and her sister embarked on after astrophysicist Matt Agnew chose to send her home.

But, as she told Yahoo Lifestyle at the time, escaping Australia had nothing to do with her heartbreak over Matt.

“My sister and I had this Europe trip planned far, far in advance,” she told us in an exclusive chat.

The Bachelor wasn’t even a thing on my mind, [the trip] just happened to be an amazing coincidence. It really couldn’t have come at a better time,” she adds.

Elly for The Bachelorette 2020

Immediately after she failed to receive a rose, social media exploded with countless calls for Elly to be cast as next year’s Bachelorette - and she told Yahoo Lifestyle she’d be up for it.

“I’d definitely consider it,” she revealed, adding that it would all depend on where she was at in life, and if she was single at the time.

So, does that mean Elly is loved-up at the moment?

“No, I am single,” she confirmed.

As for an appearance on Bachelor In Paradise, the Parkes-born babe was far less enthused.

“No, I wouldn’t go on Bachelor In Paradise,” she said firmly.

“I just feel like it’d be a bit too much for me,” she added.

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