Ed Kavalee flaunts his ripped body with wife Tiffiny Hall: 'Holy sh*t’

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Ed Kavalee has stripped off to reveal his ripped body in a new photoshoot that is sending fans wild.

The Australian comedian, 42, posed shirtless for the cover of Men’s Health in just black pants and a pair of sneakers. His wife, personal trainer Tiffiny Hall, also appears on the cover of Women's Health simultaneously.

Magazine cover of Men's Health with Ed Kavalee on the front, posing shirtless and wearing black pants and sneakers.
Ed Kavalee was convinced by his wife Tiffiny to do the photoshoot. Photo: Lauren Schulz

Ed admits that he was reluctant to do the shoot, but was convinced by his wife Tiffiny. Her focus is on using fitness as a means of empowerment, which was enough to get Ed over the line.

“She’s always on about what people can do and how people feel, and that’s always influenced me. I’m like, ‘Yeah, you’re right. I’m strong. And I love it’,” he told Men's Health.

This isn’t the first time fans have drooled over Ed’s secretly ripped body, with a photo of him in a pool posted by Tiffiny going viral a few years ago. The photo was so popular that even Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson commented on it, saying that they were "twinsies".

Ed got candid with the magazine, revealing that while Tiffiny is a great personal trainer, she doesn’t train him due to a tendency to one-up each other.


Ed Cavalee and Tiffiny Hall pose for Women's Health, Ed is wearing just black pants, and pregnant Tiffiny is wearing a black workout bra and black pants.
Ed and wife Tiffiny looked incredible in their shoot for Women's Health. Photo: Lauren Schulz

“I refuse to work out with her because I don’t want to hear it. Tiff’s a great trainer and she does a great job, but she’s desperate to make me say, ‘I can’t do that’.

“And I’m desperate not to give her the satisfaction. It’s quite ridiculous,” he said.

People were buzzing on social media about how good Ed’s body looks, with one fan writing: “Wow, I guess I haven't been paying attention.”

“Holy sh*t,” another fan commented.

“Looks like I’m about to break my “don’t sleep with your best friend” rule,” actor Josh Lawson joked.

Ed Cavalee sitting in a desk chair, wearing grey shorts and sneakers, no shirt.
Fans were shocked at how ripped Ed's body is. Photo: Lauren Schulz

His wife Tiffiny also made history as the first ever pregnant woman to appear on the cover of Women’s Health.

The personal trainer stuns in black activewear, and spoke to the magazine about the pressure to bounce back after having birth.

“As much as there’s pressure after you have the baby to bounce back, you don’t have to have that toxic positivity mindset all the time,” she told Women's Health.

“Just take that pressure off, bounce forward. Prioritise your own self-care.”

Tiffiny Hall on the cover of Women's Health, wearing a black workout bra and underwear, holding a rope. She is heavily pregnant.
Women's Health has never had a pregnant cover star, until now. Photo: Lauren Schulz

Sharing the magazine cover to Instagram, Tiffiny wrote about how she’s proud of her pregnant body and wants to empower other people to stay active during their own pregnancies.

“It was once taboo to show your bump in tight clothing - let alone a naked bump - or even as I have…exercising and staying active whilst pregnant,” she wrote.

Fellow personal trainer Sam Wood praised Tiffiny and commented: “This is so good Tiff. Such a beautiful strong message and looking sensational.”

Author Zoe Blake also congratulated the pair on covering both magazines simultaneously, “Unreal Tiff! And the his and hers covers: *chef’s kiss*.”

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