New Dyson V15 stick vacuum is so high tech it counts dust particles

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Dyson has officially launched its latest stick vacuum and it’s so high tech that it can literally count the number of individual dust particles it’s picked up.

The new V15 Detect - yes, they’ve skipped the v12, 13 and 14 and gone straight up to 15 - is promising an even deeper clean than previous models as well as the means to prove it.

An acoustic piezo sensor has been built into the vacuum which registers the vibrations each dust particle makes when it gets sucked up into the bin and then tells you the size and quantity of dust that’s been picked up.

Dyson V15 Detect stick vacuum with laser
Dyson Australia has just released the new V15 Detect for $1,399. Photo: Dyson

The idea is to reassure you that the floors have been properly cleaned and that your house is now a more hygienic place.

“As engineers our job is to solve daily problems, and the past 12 months has created plenty of new ones with more time spent indoors,” James Dyson, the company’s founder and chief engineer explains in a press release, “We are all cleaning more frequently, trying to remove the additional house dust but desperate for peace of mind that our homes are truly clean.”

It also has a laser

The other major change between this latest model and the previous V11 series stick vacuums, is that the fluffy cleaning head (the one designed for hard floors) has been given a serious upgrade.

top view of dyson v15 vacuum screen
The screen at the top of the vacuum tells you the size and number of dust particles it's picked up. Photo: Dyson

The Dyson engineers have fitted it out with a laser that lights up all the dust that is otherwise invisible to the naked eye at that distance, before it goes ahead and sucks it up for counting.

They’ve also given the multi-purpose, high torque cleaning head an extra feature, and it’s now got an inbuilt comb that stops hair from wrapping around the brush head in a similar way the anti-tangle hair screw tool in the Outsize Total Clean does.

As with the V11 series, the V15 Detect senses when you move from hard floors to carpets, and automatically adjusts its suction power to give you the best clean.


Honestly, this machine is so smart I’m surprised it doesn’t also cook dinner when it’s done with the floors.

The V15 Detect Total Clean landed on Aussie shores this week and retails for $1,399, while the slightly more expensive V15 Detect Absolute Extra, comes with an extra, free-standing floor dock ideal for renters as it means so you don’t have to mount the charging dock to the wall.

dyson v15 with laser on the fluffy head lighting up dust
The laser on the fluffy head lights up dust that you wouldn't normally be able to see while vacuuming. Photo: Dyson

Dysons on sale

If you're looking for more of a bargain, Dyson Australia currently has a sale on the V11 Outsize Pro which is reduced by $200 to $1,149 instead of the usual $1,349.

While it doesn’t have the very latest laser and dust counting technology, the Outsize Pro is a supersized stick vacuum with a larger bin and cleaning head, as well as a longer run time, designed to take on a family-sized home.

The much earlier model Dyson V7 cord-free is also currently on sale, reduced from $599 to $399, and is also discounting the Dyson Outsize Total Clean - which is the same as the Pro except for slightly different accessories - by $200, so it's down to $1,099.

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