Dyson releases limited edition styling tools for Valentine's Day

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Dyson hair styling tools for Valentine's Day
Dyson has released limited edition hair styling tools with free cases for Valentine's Day. Photo: Dyson

Dyson is painting its hair styling tools red for Valentine’s Day.

To celebrate the most romantic day of the year, the Supersonic, Airwrap and Corrale have all been released in a limited edition fire engine red colour for those of us wanting to give the gift of fabulous hair to our special someone.

While they unfortunately have not been discounted, they do currently come in a beautiful free storage case which is normally valued at $99.

The high tech styling tools, like their counterparts in the vacuuming world, have cemented their place as cult buy items and despite the steep price tag, continuously get glowing reviews from shoppers. But what exactly do they do and more importantly, are they worth the hundreds of dollars you’ll need to fork out to own one?


Close-up portrait of her she, nice-looking attractive lovely coquettish cheerful cheery wavy-haired girl holding in hands two small little heart sending you kiss isolated over pink pastel background
Give the gift of Good hair this Valentine's Day. Photo: Getty

At the core of the Dyson technology is prevention against extreme heat damage, which, along with the innovative design, is what draws a lot of people in. All of the styling tools are engineered to help your hair remain healthy and naturally shiny because they are constantly monitoring the temperature of the tool and ensuring it doesn’t go above a level that would cause damage.

The Supersonic - which is the circular-shaped hair dryer - and the Airwrap - which is the equivalent of a hair dryer, hot brush and curler all in one - do this by using high air pressure rather than high heat to style hair. Whereas the Corrale - which is the hair straightener - uses unique flexing plates to distribute heat more evenly and reduce the need for very high temperatures.

Everything you need to know about Dyson's hair tools

Here we take a more in depth look at these tools so you have everything you need to know to decide whether they’d make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one this year.

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer: $599

The most famous of Dyson’s hair styling range, the Supersonic completely rethinks the design of a traditional hair dryer and offers a sleek-looking alternative that’s powerful and quick drying without relying on extreme heat.

Unlike ordinary hair dryers which have the motor built into the head, Dyson has shrunk its motor so it fits into the handle of the dryer, making it feel more balanced to hold.

Buttons on the back end of the head let you choose between three heat and air speed settings depending on the length, thickness and texture of your hair, and there’s a cooling button on the handle for finishing and setting your hair.

redDyson Supersonic
For Valentine's Day, the Supersonic comes with a free cushioned storage case. Photo: Dyson

For best results, you use the Supersonic as it comes, or with the gentle air attachment if you really fine hair, until your hair is about 80 percent dry, then you switch to one of the attachment heads for styling.

The attachments snap onto the main head using strong magnets so they’re really easy to put on and take off. The concentrator attachment and the diffuser are very similar to attachments you’d already be familiar with from other hair dryers and are used respectively to create a sleek and straight blow dry (when used in conjunction with a round brush) and to maintain the form of natural curls by gently drying.

Things start to get interesting when you snap on the unique flyaway attachment which has been designed to replicate the way hairdressers minimise frizz and flyaways when using a concentrator head and round brush. You simply pass the strange, C-shaped tool over a section of hair and it uses targeted air flow to bring the longer strands of hair to the front and tuck the shorter flyaway strands away behind.

The other high tech bit of wizardry that goes into this hair dryer is the sensor that measures air temperature 40 times per second to ensure you aren’t reaching extreme temperatures that damage hair. However, Dyson does still recommend that you use a heat protectant on your hair before drying.

As with most Dyson products, this has a dedicated cult following with shoppers praising the way it dries hair quickly, reduces frizz and is light to handle, describing it as “an absolute game changer,” “amazing, so strong and so light,” and “just amazing”.

Dyson Airwrap: $799

This is the most expensive of Dyson’s hair styling range but it’s also the most diverse, and is designed to take your hair from wet to fully styled, without needing to reach for a hair dryer, hot brush or curler.

Like the Supersonic, the motor is in the handle, and you attach one of the six different heads it comes with depending on the style you want to achieve.

To blow dry your hair straight, you’d choose one of the three hot brush attachments that style your hair as it dries it. The round brush adds body and volume, while for a sleeker finish you’d opt for either the soft or firm brush depending on how naturally frizzy your hair is.

The best thing about using one of the hot brush attachments is that you don’t need anything else - there’s no need to fiddle around with a hair dryer and a round brush to get that salon finish.

While many shoppers have been impressed with the finish and say it does a great job at taming their frizzy hair, if you’re after a dead straight style, you may still need to use a straightener afterwards.

Red dyson airwrap
The Airwrap takes your hair from wet to fully styled in just the one tool, no brush needed. Photo: Dyson

For curls and waves, the process is a little bit more involved and you start by attaching the drying head - that looks a lot like the Supersonic - and using that to take hair from wet to damp. From there you attach one of the curling barrels, the 30 or 40mm depending on how loose you want the waves, and curl your hair section by section. For the best results you wrap a section of damp hair around the barrel, heat it until fully dry, and then set with a blast of cold air.

Just like the Supersonic, the Airwrap has a built in sensor that measures air temperature 40 times per second to keep it at or below 150 degrees celsius and it relies on targeted air pressure rather than high heat to style.

The limited edition red Airwrap - as well as the regular fuschia colour for that matter - is already sold out on the Dyson and Adore Beauty websites so if you’re keen to snap up this colour, don’t delay. Myer still has stock.

Unlike the Corrale and Supersonic, the Airwrap comes with a storage case as standard, however for Valentine’s Day Dyson is throwing in a gift worth $50.

Dyson Corrale straightener: $699

Unlike the other two styling tools, this one looks a lot more like its competitors on the market, but the Corrale straightener does have a few distinguishing features.

Firstly, it takes heat control very seriously, and an in-built sensor checks and adjusts temperature 100 times per second to ensure that the plates are at exactly the temperature you set them to. There are three heat settings depending on your hair type, 165, 185 and 210 degrees celsius.

The other unique feature is that the straightening plates are actually made to move with your hair. They’re ultra thin manganese copper alloy plates that flex around the section of hair you feed into them to more evenly and effectively distribute heat.

The idea is that you can achieve the same effect as a traditional straightener but at a lower temperature and without needing to press down hard with each pass.

As most of the coolest straighteners are these days, the Corrale is cordless so you can take it anywhere. An OLED display tells you how much charge you have left and if the 30 minute cordless run time isn’t long enough, you can attach the cord and plug it into the wall to continue styling.

red dyson Corrale for Valentine's Day
The Corrale comes with a free red presentation case for Valentine's Day. Photo: Dyson

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